December 24, 2021

A Christmas Meditation

Merry Xmas Waferinos!

Here is a meditation for the holiday season (and into the next year):

1. The nation is depraved 2. The citizens are debased 3. We are in slo-mo collapse

In terms of understanding the US, these 3 mantras are all you need to know. Feliz Navidad!



Blogger Joe McIlnen said...

Ho! Ho! Ho!

It certainly is great that Santa takes to the air. Otherwise, if he traveled by road he probably would be shot by somebody who thought Santa cut him off or something! LOL!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!
And remember. Let there be peace on Earth and good will towards all. ( Except of course in this vast violent pathetic wasteland/garbage dump known as the United States of America).

6:23 PM  
Anonymous matt reese said...

By me, the degeneration of America is not news. Just look at Jewish
delis in New York City: a hundred years ago there were scores of
them and now just a few dozen.

On degeneration, take this item.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Cherith Cutestory said...

Dr. Berman, you asked in the previous post about publishing. If you don't mind Amazon, they have a platform called kdp (Kindle Direct Publishing) which allows you to publish directly and remarkably easily. You just upload your book in MS Word (applying certain measurements) and that's it, it becomes available both in print and on their electronic reader named Kindle. The bad thing is that you're using Amazon. The good thing is that you have more control over your book and don't need any publishers, and uploading it doesn't require any advanced technical knowledge. This of course means you have to take care of the manuscript entirely, including hiring your own book editor/proofreader/cover designer etc. There are freelancers available on the internet for affordable rates and high quality work ( for editing and proofreading, for the cover).

5:00 AM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


Yes, thanks. I already came to that conclusion abt a wk ago, that self-publishing this new bk on Amazon was the easiest way to go. It may take a little while, however, as I am currently engaged in getting permissions to quote poetry; but stay tuned, I'll let y'all know when it's out and available.


6:57 AM  
Anonymous Orca said...

Merry Christmas to yall

To add to @Cherith Cutestory, many authors do prefer self-publishing, especially those who have a niche following. Imo, self-publishing frees writers from many contraints but creates a problem of marketing the book. I believe there are some good freelance digital marketers if you're interested in them. Anyways, good luck with the new book, we'll be waiting.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


Thanks for input. Self-pub will also be useful for my series of volumes on Tulsi:

-Foundations of the Tulsaic World View (this comes w/a
workout tape)
-You and Tulsi
-Tulsism for Dummies
-Tulsi: Woman on the Barricades
-Release Your Inner Tulsi!
-Tulsi and Pastrami


8:24 AM  
Blogger Miles Deli said...

Season's Greetings MB and Wafers,

Wishing all Wafers and MB a Happy Xmas. My goal for 2022 is to release my inner Tulsi! Jesus, is this not the GREATEST BLOG IN THE TULSIVERSE?!

Luv to all,


10:17 AM  
Anonymous BH said...

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. may you road travel be free from being shot and may your ears be spared the screaming of a karen.

12:10 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


It is, it is. Sometimes I sit on my couch, and just contemplate the greatness of this blog, and it makes me dizzy. Meanwhile, world peace (whirled peas) will only be achieved when we are all dwelling in the Tulsiverse. War, genocide, bad breath and all other forms of hell are the result of Americans failing to embrace their inner Tulsi. Meanwhile, I'm doing my part by writing an opera called "Come Back to the Five and Dime, Tulsi Shmulsi!" Kristen Stewart has agreed to play the role of Tulsi, and has been practicing the workout tape on a daily basis, as well as an aria in which she extols the exploits of Kyle Rittenhouse.


12:10 PM  
Blogger Gunnar said...

@MB - if you have an Apple device ( I’ve tested this on an iPad) Apple Books is the way to go. You can publish to the Apple platform directly from Pages (their version of Word but the two are compatible you just download the word doc ~ a little more hassle) Kindle is like the Wild West; Apple a little more refined. Vanity Fair vs
The New Yorker.

1:09 PM  
Blogger Joe McIlnen said...

Do you want to know how our Karens at the Holiday school board meetings, as well as a few “Ho,Ho,Ho” Santa Darrens, celebrate the Christmas spirit here? See below. LOL!

Also, Doctor & Wafers, you shouldn’t play any loud Christmas music. You may get shot.

Yes. Let’s keep that “joyful festive Holiday spirit” going here in the great and “exceptional” U.S.A.!, U.S.A.!, U.S.A.!

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Nadine Bupkis said...

Trump is now making antisemitic statements. Gee, who would have seen this coming?

6:46 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


I'm guessing that once he wins in 2024, he will round up all Jews and Muslims, make them wear yellow stars, and put them in a detention camp in Idaho.


And Karens will be patrolling the camp perimeter w/machine guns!


7:31 PM  
Anonymous Nora said...

“As I wake from restful slumber, I peer out my window and—yes, it’s looking like another perfect day! Time to ruin it by immediately opening my phone.”

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Daoud said...

Wealthy Americans are renouncing their citizenship in record numbers — often just to pay lower taxes

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Sybok said...

Tea Party Redux: How the Koch Network Funds and Fuels the Anti-Lockdown Movement

I am shocked...

But here's another shocker:


Yes, folks, they knew from the start. But they also knew that US law indemnifies them against liability.

14-year-old bystander fatally shot by LA police inside dressing room while shooting at male suspect

You're supposed to try the clothes on over the body armor. When will people learn...

11:52 AM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


I read somewhere that Pfizer had hired some company to track on vaccine effectiveness, and that the co. falsified the data. I also read that previous vaccines are no or weak defense vs. omicron. The reality concerning this subject continues to remain a bit blurry. However, let's leave vaccine discussions behind, and concentrate on collapse of empire.


12:05 PM  
Blogger Dan Daniel said...

A glimpse into a past world in the United States- In a 1914 essay, Eugene V. Debs pronounced Jesus “the world’s supreme revolutionary leader” and “as real and persuasive a historic character as John Brown, Abraham Lincoln, or Karl Marx.”

The style of writing (obviously someone used to speaking to large crowds), the unrepentant evocation of people like Marx and John Brown. The focus on workers as workers. No guidance on how to work your way up the corporate ladder or work your side hustle to your first million or visualize your own prosperity using The Secret. And the interpretation of Jesus would get you shot in most places in the US these days.

It really does seem to come from a different universe. What speaker today would even understand, much less use, a phrase like "transcendent consecration'?

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Som said...

RIP to two fine humans this week.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


The following is a true story. It happened recently in NY. There was a small party that included a very woke young woman, who actually is a college professor. Let's call her Baguette. There were 2 dogs present, and one dog licked the other dog's pussy. Baguette got very angry. She said, "This was not consensual sex. It's completely inappropriate!

Oh yes, the wokes and the progs are definitely going to win against the bubbas and their arsenals ; no doubt abt it.


5:23 PM  
Anonymous Deadthoreau said...

Wafers, please watch Don't Look up on Netflix. It is Waferian to the core, a dark satire of the American Hologram. 10/10.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


A link wd be nice.


10:47 PM  
Anonymous Greg Parthian said...

Dr. Berman, Wafers,

In holiday spirit, I would like to share THREE “gifts” much like the Magi did 2000 years ago during this time.

1. This first post is titled “2021’s Trending Google Searches by State.”
I think it illustrates quite vividly our situation. Wafers will notice the two months during August and September, when “Afghanistan” was the top-searched term (instead of Musk, Bezos, or virtual money) ― perhaps a sign of brief hope of large crowds of Americans engaging in self-reflection.
2021's trending Google searches by state

2. This second story is a bit more ambiguous but fits in neatly with the general tech-optimism and "progress" you, Dr. Berman have critically engaged with, and signals our entry into what is called the post-human era.
“HereAfter A.I. is one of a number of startups promising digital immortality through chatbots, AI and even holograms like the ones of Holocaust survivors’ stories. A Japanese project even envisions robots that look and act like the dead.”
AI company lets you chat with your dead loved ones

3. And finally, I will end on a more positive note: here is a 3-minute video I made of my call to city council.
I, a Christian atheist, invoke Christian values to stop a gas power plant in Glendale, CA. The plant is highly controversial, and council voted for it anyway.

I hope you enjoy this lampoon.

Noah visits Glendale city council to stop gas power plant


11:14 PM  
Anonymous Matt Reese said...

Disturbing is the statement that 74% of white women with college
degree refuse ever to get vaccinated, while 66% of white women without
a degree will refuse to ever get vaccinated. This suggests that the
women with degrees certainly wasted their money getting them.

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Fishbum said...

Dr B,

I always enjoy reading Bob Lefsetz, here's his review of "Don't Look Up" :

I think he's close to being a fellow traveller.

5:53 AM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


And thus endeth discussions of vaccines, thank you.


In future, pls be sure you don't exceed our half-pg limit. Thank you.


6:25 AM  
Anonymous Somerville said...

HG Wells and the human animal
The visionary novelist sought to transform the world, but he could not escape its, or his own, dark irrationality.

By John Gray

7:07 AM  
Anonymous bojun said...

deadthoreau + fish + MB:

Here is a great comparison of "Don't Look Up" with Dr Strangelove

I'm going to view it this evening. Friends tell me it is hilarious and very well done. Meryl Streep's role is a Trump-like president lol.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Deadthoreau said...

bojun + MB + Fish

There is a point where Jenifer Lawrence's character is listening to some young people talk about how evil they think the political class of the country is and how it's some big elaborate scheme and con they're trying to pull off on the citizens and her response is Waferian, "Oh the truth is much worse, these people aren't evil just incredibly stupid". I would call the movie satire know...

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anjin-san said...

My mind went boing boing as I read the headline and the article. Funnier then Karens or Darrens.

Endless entertainment as we watch the country go down.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Joe McIlnen said...

On the first day of Christmas here’s what came to be: Three shot and killed in Tennessee.

On the second day of Christmas here’s what came to be: Shootings in Texas and Mississippi.

On the third day of Christmas here’s what come to be:
A shooting on Boston’s Schuyler Street.

Yes. The happy Christmas spirit keeps on rolling along here in the U.S.A.!, U.S.A.!, U.S.A.!

6:17 PM  
Anonymous down we go said...

I tried to watch "Don't Look Up" this afternoon but could only get through first 30 minutes. I found the humor sophomoric, the plot boring, and the dialogue moronic. Satire without a bite is vacuous. If you want to impact people with the truth of climate change, give them the truth of climate change. Not this poor attempt at humor.

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Albert said...

I've been reading Albert Schweitzer's "The Philosophy of Civilization" and was wondering your take on this book and Schweitzer.

Does it make sense to read these type of older social/historical commentary books at this point? It seems like things are changing so fast, that after 30 years or so, most books like this become worthless due to new scholarship.

Interestingly, he was one of the first to write a "quest for the historical Jesus" type of book, which has led to scholars widely accepting the view that apocalyptic Judaism was a view held by a small group of people, yet it came to dominate the world. These books have really made me see that so much of what people hold as a fundamental truth is based on very little.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


Yr post is just a tad long; be sure to keep it down to half a page, in the future. As for Schweitzer: I never read him. But of course, some older social science is terrific: Durkheim, for example, or Max Weber. Also check out my essay on Pitirim Sorokin in QOV (his work dates from 1937). "Das Leben Jesu," by D.F. Strauss, remains a classic on Christ: he argues that we know 0 abt the actual, historical Christ, but that he became the central mythology of a community that grew and grew (this in 1835); that he was a figure onto which, ca. 30 A.D., people began to project their hopes and dreams. (Of course he was ruined as a result of publishing this book.) And u shd know that there is a body of respectable scholarship that argues that Christ never existed at all. (Ref to Christ in Josephus' "The Jewish War," 79 A.D., for example, has proven to be a forgery, i.e. a later insertion of phony text into the original, by Christian enthusiasts a few centuries later.) Finally, Marx's "Communist Manifesto" reads like it cd have been written yesterday.

I remember saying to my thesis adviser, ages ago, that critics of Weber said "he doesn't stand up." My adviser replied: "Lying down, he's better than those critics standing up."


I haven't seen the film, but you shd know that when facts meet myth, myth always wins.


Accurate portrait of American life. So what else is new?


7:54 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...

ps: down: this might interest u:

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Nadine Bupkis said...

Dr. Oz, a notorious quack doctor with ties to the Turkish dictator Recep Erdogan, will probably be the next governor of Pennsylvania. Even though nearly everyone familiar with him knows he's a fraud, he's a Trump loyalist, and that's good enough for the bubbas.

We're going to see a large and colorful cast of Trumpite psychopaths win elections over the next few years. They'll all try to outdo each other in being as Trumpy as possible, with the goal of being even Trumpier than Trump himself. The bubbas will vote for the Trumpiest candidates they can find, and this will send the entire nation into a death spiral.

National collapse has never been this stupid.

12:12 AM  
Anonymous Rollo Dice said...

Look no further for Trump's running mate in 2024. He's certainly
fresh, young, well known, and a flawlessly patriotic.

3:14 AM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


I heart belongs to Tulsi.


7:02 AM  
Anonymous Niget, William said...

“In our age of climate breakdown and extreme inequality, the hours we while away online are increasingly shadowed by an awareness that, like humans plugged into the Matrix, we perpetuate a system that…may in fact be working actively against us”

8:28 AM  
Blogger Miles Deli said...

Greetings MB and Wafers,


I finally got around to reading Bethany Ball's "The Pessimists." Yowza, what a terrific novel! It's one of best I've ever read depicting the contemporary disaffection and breakdown found w/in the American middle class. I finished the bk in 24 hrs. Simply impossible to put down. Many thanks for the recommendation.


11:55 AM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


Was it my rec? I can't remember. But it does look gd.


1:00 PM  
Anonymous DiogenesTheElder said...

Sorry for the double-post - sent this to the last blog entry. Please forgive my error.

Indeed, the most consequential news for USians surely has been written below:

Circling the drain faster and faster now...


1:02 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


As the New Year approaches, I am asking u and all other Wafers to contemplate how many Americans need to be slapped.


3:22 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...

ps: or, alternatively, receive chicken sandwich suppositories.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Jade said...

‘Don’t Look Up’ Is Basically About How Collectively Stupid Society Is

It was also pretty hysterical

3:29 PM  
Blogger Joe McIlnen said...

On the fourth day of Christmas here’s what’s come to be: 5 killed in a Denver shooting spree.

p.s. Here’s some bonus footage from Sunday night’s shooting in good old “family values”/”law and order” Texas. This 14 year old pumped 20 shots from his pistol that had an extended magazine.

p.p.s. If not carrying a gun, instead throw a hammer at the windshield to teach the other driver a lesson on how to drive.

U.S.A.!, U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
Nah. Wafers, Let’s do something different. Let’s all sing along.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


Read my new book, "Guns, Rage, Stupidity, and Buffoonery: A Concise History of the United States." This bk includes thousands of interviews w/Americans, in the street, conducted by myself and Jay Leno.


7:43 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...

ps: Joe: Chinese scholars digging thru the ruins of the NY Public Library, coming across my work: "This guy Belman had it right; why didn't they listen to him?"

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Cosmo Como said...

Well, if they don't like it here, they should not be allowed to enter.
Let them just mail a check as if they spent money here as tourists.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Cummings said...

Hey Prof Berman,

Did you at some point recoemmend "The Big Animal"?

I saw it last night, found it abs lovely, wonderfully moral, assumed I originally read about it here.


8:47 PM  
Anonymous Kevin said...

Strauss’s book translated to English by none other than a young (and pre-pen name) George Eliot.

Yes, “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”, John Ford

8:54 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


Do not send messages to an old post. No one will read it.




Doesn't ring a bell. Why not give us a brief summary?


Gd, but I searched in vain for "Yr a collection of turkeys."


10:39 PM  
Anonymous DioGenes said...

Hi MB,

Did you ever cross paths with Joseph Weizenbaum?

He was an early AI researcher that cautioned against the overextension of such technologies. Just finished his book. It was impressive and refreshing to see someone in a technical field have such a natural understanding of philosophy/social science.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


Yes; we were both giving talks in Germany, yrs ago, and hung out a bit. We talked about his 'therapy' program, Eliza, which he said he wrote as a joke. Now I guess it's a reality.


11:01 AM  
Anonymous Orca said...

Wafers, I share with you an interview by a philosopher I discovered last year, Cornelius Castoriadis. His claim that only participative democracy is true democracy is intriguin, and his claim that representative democracy alienates the people from decision making and that it has negative social and psychological repercussions is also interesting.
How would the US look like if it started off with a different political system? What would happen to the US if the whole people would decided on things and not the oligarchy? I think, with how USians are, it would be the end of the world.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Gunnar said...

When in doubt get advice from a loser.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


Check out Hillary's plastic face in that news article. I've said this b4: if I were allowed to bang Hillary's head against Obama's for 20 mins. on nationwide TV, I'd be willing to believe in God. As for Kamala, the word on the street is that Biden needed her to win the election, but now doesn't really need her for anything else. So perhaps it's not that she's a douche baguette, but that she is 'colorless'--i.e. flat, and empty, and w/o anything meaningful to do. It also means, probably, that she is not likely to be the Democratic nominee for pres in 2024.

Enter Tulsi.


6:54 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...

Scum of the earth dept.:

7:33 PM  
Blogger Xair said...


When your dream meets reality and you realize it's a nightmare. What a fucked up way to live.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Joe McIlnen said...

Dr. Berman,
Not for nothing, but your raillery against capitalism, I’m now beginning to think, is totally, TOTALLY untenable.
Just think, Doctor. You can self-publish a fictionalized novel about killing some people. In the process you make some good capitalist bucks here in “the land of opportunity”, our U.S.A.! And then in real-life the same author’s fictionalized novel actually becomes reality when he himself blows away the people— the same real-life names that appear in the novel! Now if this isn’t what is called “American exceptionalism” I don’t know what is.

p.s. This guy perhaps outdid O.J. Simpson when the murderous Juice published “If I Did It; Confessions of a Killer”.

9:31 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


Pretty fab, capitalism. See post by Xair.


10:28 PM  
Blogger Dan Daniel said...

@Xair- The thing that gets me about stories like the Goldman Sacks link you posted is the tone of 'grand revelation.' You'd think all these people were Saul on the road to Damascus before they saw the light. Because of course no one could have known that GS is a bunch of sado-masochistic one-dimensional creeps? No one can see that the financial sector has made life a living hell for more than half the population?

I did volunteer work with a couple of non-profits around 2000. One replaced their 'grass roots' director with a recent Wall Street escapee. Who told me how he felt so much better to be doing good now and being out of evil Wall Street. (I asked where he had donated all his evil gains from his 25 years; he was not amused). He proceeded to implement MBA metrics and such and drove out anyone of character to replace them with boring corporate cloneboys. This way any donors would be comfortable and not threatened in any way- he and his crew spoke their language, dressed like them, knew how to hold a wine glass, were 'their' people.

The second had a similar thing happen. Including creating a new full time position and hiring someone to fill it who just happened to have the same last name as their major funding philanthropy. Imagine that...

Non-profits are basically privatized government entities. Thatcher would love them.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Nadine Bupkis said...

Another day, another massacre in the greatest country on earth.

12:12 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


I think I lost yr last post. Sorry. Pls re-send, thank you.


12:29 PM  
Anonymous Albert said...

"Millennials lead shift away from organized religion as pandemic tests Americans’ faith"

"Fentanyl becomes ‘leading cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 45’"

The decline is only beginning.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Shithouse said...

New Yawk Shitty:

Wafer Dan Daniel-most USian 'non-profits' were corrupt-like 98.7% of US empire institutions and acted like typical US for profit corporations. Search 990 finder and one can see the bloated 'officer' 'director' salaries while the actual charity work is an afterthought. Very USian.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...

Dr. Shit-

Neat! Americans have hearts o' gold. Meanwhile: What is 990 finder?


5:59 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Shithouse said...

Dear Dr. Berman, apologies for breaking the 24h rule.

A 990 is the name of publicly available non-profit tax forms; one can see 'officer' 'director' salaries, and how donations are spent each year.

"990 finder" is an online search tool to see these tax forms:

7:10 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...

Dr. Shit-

In future, when you refer to something fairly esoteric, pls provide explanation or info rt up front. This is helpful to other Wafers.


7:39 PM  
Blogger Joe McIlnen said...

Dr. Berman & Wafers,
Let’s watch a special end of year Karen. This is in the news today. Yes. Our Karens are ending the year with a bang! LOL!

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Cosmo Como said...

In the old days we were told to work hard and put a little away each
week so the American Dream could become your reality. It appears
that that shibboleth has disappeared.

2:42 AM  
Anonymous Anjin-san said...

The "abusive parent" USA doesn't let go easily. Sobering information for those fleeing and wanting the relationship over.

7:21 AM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


Sorry, we have a half-pg limit on this blog. Pls edit down and re-send. Also avoid sending messages in large, dense blocks. Thank you.


9:23 AM  
Anonymous Nadine Bupkis said...

Very strong evidence the Anglosphere is royally fucked. A study of 128 British women - a decent sample size - concluded that nearly all British women very strongly prefer men with "dark triad" traits - narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. Other studies show American women have the same shitty taste in men, and that women who prefer men with dark triad traits usually have these same traits. (The authors wrongly extrapolate this data and claim, without evidence, that most women from every single culture prefer men with these traits.)

Why has this come to pass? If I had to guess, 700 years of imperialism has caused narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy to be woven into the DNA of most people from the Anglosphere. However, there is good news: the white birthrate in Anglosphere countries is plummeting, and the white populations are being supplanted by new peoples who aren't assimilating and *aren't* head-over-heels in love with brutal, ruthless competition: Muslims, Latin Americans, Indians and Asians. This isn't a conspiracy, as the bubbas believe, but the inevitable result of widespread depravity among the white populations, who are less and less inclined to date, marry or have kids these days.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Sybok said...

MB, if Ghislane Maxwell is scum of the earth then so are her so-called victims. I read that article & watched some interviews with those girls & what I've come to understand is that they were complicit in the entire scandal. These weren't starving orphans with no other options, but enterprising young women who were paid large sums of money for the use of their bodies, who returned to Epstein again & again, & even seduced their friends into his service for extra doe. These girls were modern, liberated females, Horatio Algers of the 21st century who hustled their way to the top & turned on their partners in crime (Epstein & Maxwell) when it suited them. For this they should be acclaimed as paragons of the American Way, rather than pitied as poor, helpless victims.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


You cd be rt, but I think there is a difference between the doer and the do-ee. People like Epstein and Maxwell are in a class of their own.


Well...that strikes me as being a bit exaggerated. And I'm not sure 128 is a reliable sample. We need a bit more nuance here.


12:54 PM  
Anonymous Multiculturalism said...

Nadine - the "all white people" thing doesn't really fly, and neither does your "700 years" of empire claim. The real change into the modern world came in the late 18th century, and while the original hustlers were British & other Europeans, the hustling system has attracted people from all over the world. Many in the military & corporations come from Africa & India, so unless you mean "white people" in some kind of mystical way as a concept, it's not a good idea now. Multiculturalism, reparations, and diversity have been all the rage for decades.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


A bit long, I fear. Plus, you never specified the author.


6:08 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


In a few hrs we shall enter 2022. What can we expect in America, during this exciting new yr? I'll give it 2u in two words: beating off. Nothing else. Don't believe me? Check back here on 31 Dec. 2022, for a huge "I told you so."

Anyway, time to refresh yr post-its. The new one:


hugs, y'all

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Glans Butterworth, III said...

An American buffoon (redundant) while working as a janitor, goes into an unauthorized-dangerous area, pets a critically endangered tiger and then gets mauled. Tiger is shot by police to 'save' USian.

Poor tiger--Americans never learned, it was part of their "charm" (Vidal).

8:41 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


Quite a story. As we approach the New Year, I ask you and all Wafers to contemplate how underslapped the American population is.


9:02 PM  
Blogger Joe McIlnen said...

Forget about fireworks. Let’s end the year with a real bang! Let’s hear shots from a gun! First, out west:

And back east: Check this out! 65 shots fired in Philadelphia. End the old and bring in the New Year with a good old USAin mass shooting! And let’s keep them going in 2022 here in the “free” land of “American exceptionalism”. Sing it, Elton: “Shine a light won't you shine a light
Philadelphia freedom I lo o ove you. Yes I do”

U.S.A.!, U.S.A.!, U.S.A.!

9:36 PM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


I guess it's appropriate that in the US, we welcome in the New Year with Death.


12:33 AM  
Anonymous DiogenesTheElder said...

The Guardian is catching up to GSWH:

Poem is my own. Happy to send it again in two parts if you prefer.


10:15 AM  
Blogger Morris Berman said...


I've mentioned this b4: pls do not send messages to previous posts. No one reads the older stuff. Thank you.


10:25 AM  

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