March 21, 2021



Time to continue our spirited discussion, this time sans topics of trans and racism, which have become so off the subject of this blog that I'm ready to beat my head against a wall. The only trans I want to hear about at this point is the Trans Siberian Railway. In any case, I was very cheered by the link posted on the last thread to Bill Maher, correctly identifying the American people as dumb as dogshit. Duh! I've been pointing this out for 21 years, in the tradition of Gore Vidal, George Carlin, and H.L. Mencken. Finally what's obvious gets a public hearing. Maybe some other public figure, if not Bill himself, will say: "Gee, do ya think that's why the country is going down the toilet?" Duh once again. Cultural suicide isn't pretty, but as I've said b4, there is something funny about it. You watch people who could do something about it if they had half a brain, but at this point, we are talking about very small prefrontal lobes. They can't even spell "buffoon".