February 16, 2015

Practice Your Spanish

Well, Wafers: I got duped. Canal 22, the cultural TV channel in Mexico City, asked me to do a taped interview with them, which I did a few weeks ago. They told me they would tape about 30 minutes, then do a slight bit of editing, and issue the interview in two parts, of about 10 or 15 minutes each. Well, the "slight bit of editing" consisted in removing almost all of the interview. What aired was two parts of 3 minutes each. Their apparent goal was not political analysis, but entertainment. As a result, all I managed to convey were slogans and platitudes; what else can you do in 6 minutes? I may be being hard on myself, but I think I come across as a cliche (progress vs. tradition, etc.). Not good. I guess the American contagion of hustling has managed to infect the Mexican media, tragically enough. My first and last interview for Canal 22, in any case.

Anyway, I'm posting this not for content--there isn't much--but for those of you want to practice your Spanish (though mine ain't perfect, as hispanohablantes will rightly point out). Gozalo!