May 05, 2021


Well, Wafers, that last thread was quite a ride. We seem to have worked through Senor Maher pretty thoroughly, both pro and con; I do believe that wittingly or no, he has been documenting the collapse of the nation. This especially in terms of the sheer stupidity of Americans. We seem to have finally caught up to that iconic film, "Idiocracy," portraying nation of morons 500 years hence, but what in reality was only a few years away. But I do have a few disappointments.

1. Like almost all media pundits, Bill fails to state that the country is finished, despite the fact that this is the obvious reality. 2. As a result, he is not able to connect the dots: that a major factor in our collapse is our collective stupidity. 3. He also is confined to a very limited vocabulary: Americans are dumb. But they are also spineless douchebags, pathetic turkeys, and clueless buffoons. We need an upgrade in nomenclature, in short. 4. I keep waiting for him to say, "Morris Berman has recommended that all Americans be vigorously slapped, as a partial solution to our problems. Let me state here and now that I am in full agreement with this sentiment, and if such a movement will be launched, I intend to be on the front lines."

And so, Wafers, we move on into the future: dark, bleak, violent, and without a lick o' sense. When the president can declare that America will not be overtaken by China, you know we're up to our eyeballs in horse dung. Disneyland lives!