October 24, 2013


Dear Wafers, and Waferettes:

Your comments have been coming in so fast and furious that we are already onto another post; and it won't be too long till the 200th post is upon us. Like the millionth hit we recently celebrated, it seems hard to believe. The Pentagon, White House, Wall Street, and all of the major corporations listed in Fortune's 500 are quaking in their boots as a result; they sense that as the power of this blog has grown, and its ideas have revolutionized America, lifting The American People to a new level of consciousness, their own power is waning. What can I say? What started out as modest beginnings have now overturned the dominant, outmoded ways of thought, and Waferism is now set to sweep the globe. It's a tsunami of awakening, and I doubt even Kim's buttocks, massive though they are, can resist this tidal wave of intelligence. Like a phoenix rising, we see Shep with his mayo and his mandolin, and Cube with his logic and his turkey sandwiches. And of course, I sit in the corner of my study, weeping tears of joy into my matzo ball soup. It's all good (I actually hate that expression; how is it all good?).

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I'm going to be giving a talk at Washington & Lee University in Lexington VA on November 19, then spend a few days doing deli research in NY, and then go back home to continue working on my Japan book, which is like giving birth to a rhinoceros. But it's about 2/3 done, and I'll be giving a series of lectures on it at the University of Tokyo during the week of April 14, for those of you who care to fly over (just kidding). Needless to say, I'll be lecturing in English, as my Japanese is pretty basic: Toire wa doko des ka? (Where's the bathroom?).

But the world is our oyster; we are Wafers, after all, and that single, fabulous fact of our existence carries us through any and all forms of adversity. Banzai!