June 12, 2017


Wafers are very active these days, and the comments come in, fast and furious. It seems I just turn around, and it's time for a new post. Nothing special to say right now; like you guys, I'm just watching the increasing descent into self-destruction, and getting a kick out of the media's absorption in non-news. They sure get everyone stirred up, and yet it's all smokescreen, nada mas.

Just a couple of examples: One, impeaching Trump. Most Americans, not very bright, think this means throwing him out of office. It does not. Clinton was impeached and just carried on. To throw a president out of office, you need a Nixon scenario (the Power Elite tells the pres, It's over, douche bag), or impeachment plus conviction. Trump would never agree to a Nixon scenario, and the Senate, heavily Republican, will never vote to convict. So why does the MSM keep discussing it?

Two, Trump pulled the US out of the Paris accords. But the truth is that staying in the accords would have been meaningless, because they have no teeth. It's all voluntary; there are no penalties for exceeding the limits contained therein. Hence, you can be sure that the US will pursue its own 'interests', and exceed those limits (just you wait and see). Trump was merely being honest, stating that the accords made no difference one way or another. But again, all the progs get very excited, and the MSM excoriates him. Another tempest in a cup of tea, to keep Americans worked up over bullshit.

There is one bit of news the MSM won't print, although it should be the headline of all the major newspapers on a daily basis: AMERICA IS FINISHED. In lieu of that, we wallow in crap, and self-deception. Which is, of course, part of our decline. There will be no wake-up moment as we slide into the abyss; most Americans simply don't have the gray matter to make such awareness possible.