March 09, 2018



Now that we have survived the vaccine debates, and have moved on to the dangers of bagged greens, I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Although I'm still on the edge of my seat, waiting for Sarah Palin and Ging Newtrich to emerge from the wings. I tell ya, I really miss those two. At least Rom Mittney is running for Senate, and I can return to my 5-volume study of his basic philosophy. A few of the pages are actually going to have text on them. But then, to my horror, I discovered that Julius La Rosa died 2 years ago. Life is just one big series of deep disappointments.

In any case, I trust this new thread will continue our central project, of documenting The Great Collapse. Watch Trumpi flub an opportunity to establish detente with Kim Jong Haircut. Watch Americans blow each other out of the water. Watch...well, you guys can certainly fill in the blanks.

O&D, amigos-