August 12, 2014

Is This What Senility Looks Like?

Dear Wafers (and Waferettes!)-

Recently drove out to the gym I belong to, on the outskirts of town. En route, I stopped at an Oxxo (convenience store) to get a machine-generated cappuccino and an oatmeal-cranberry cookie. I sat outside in the little patio area they have, drinking my coffee and eating my cookie, and humming a few bars from Strauss' Viennese Waltzes. And suddenly, I looked up: I realized that I was incredibly happy. Just sitting outside a convenience store, watching the traffic, and there I was, in a state of undifferentiated bliss.

Of course, this could be the onset of full-blown mental illness, but who am I to complain? In terms of equivalent experiences (I later reflected), only the following could come close (not necessarily in order of ecstatic quotient):

1. Getting laid. 2. Playing tennis. 3. Eating Szechuan pork at Blossom's in Mexico City. 4. Pounding a trollfoon into the ground until only his head is showing, and then jumping up and down on the head. 5. Smoking a Havana cigar. 6. Porking out at Canter's in LA. 7. Sitting in the Place des Vosges in Paris, on a nice fall day, and watching the artists painting various parts of the square.

There are probably a few more I'm missing, but I can't think of them right now. (Wafers are encouraged to add to this list or provide their own.)

Meanwhile, I trust all of you are doing well. Keep in mind that you are Wafers, the best people on the planet. Well, in the universe, really.

hugs, berm