June 09, 2023



Truth be told, I'm running out of things to say. How many events, facts, and bits of evidence of our degradation/disintegration/debasement/collapse can we point to, on a daily basis? The sheer self-destruction of the country is right there, before our very eyes; every day, we sink deeper and deeper into it. Everything we do, every action, is an abysmal error. Years ago, I predicted 2030 as the endpoint of the nation, but I'm wondering if I should move the date up. Our slogan, "Onward and Downward," may have to be revised: "Onward and Rapidly Downward." The whole country amounts to nothing more than baloney. The government is baloney; the MSM is baloney; and the American public is baloney. The Yiddish word for this is schmegegge. Look it up on Google (it's sort of like putz squared). America is a schmegegge, a hopeless, pathetic collection of hot air.