February 13, 2013

Interview with the Universidad de Monterrey

Dear Friends,

The following link is to an interview I just did with the radio station of the Universidad de Monterrey, here in Mexico. After you click on it (i.e., put it in your browser), you'll see a screen; go to the Audio File that says MORRIS BERMAN - EN INGLES SIN EDITAR, the column entitled VBR MP3, and click on 122.1 MB. The interview starts out with my saying a few words in Spanish: basically, thanking my host, Juan Carlos Gerra, for having me on the program, and for letting me do the interview in English, which is obviously a bit easier for me (esp. over the phone). Then I switch to English, and the interview goes on for about an hour and a half. Enjoy!

Link as follows: https://archive.org/details/EntrevistamorrisBerman