February 04, 2018

Mumbai in the West Village

Hi there Waferinos-

As some of you know, I am immensely wealthy, and was the mastermind behind 9/11, which I also funded. Since 2001, I've been pouring billions into Hamas and Hezbollah, but not with any great results. As a result, I've decided to move in a radically new direction, and launch an Indian restaurant in NY. I'm thinking 6th Ave and 11th St. might be a good location.

I'll be flying in chefs from the Punjab, Kashmir, Kerala, and Uttar Pradesh (BTW, when Indians want to say "That's hogwash," they say "That's Uttar Pradesh"). Each of these cooks will receive 7-figure salaries, and Salman Rushdie has promised to dine there on opening night. Note that the restaurant will have a special Wafer Room, reserved exclusively for Wafers.

So I need you guys to vote on what wd be the best name for this establishment. Here are the ones I've come up with so far: Moti Mahal, Taj Mahal, Light of Bengal, Muglai Palace, Rajah's Feast, Nehru's Nosh, Viceroy's Victuals, Curzon's Curryhouse, Mahatma's Masala, and Hindi Harvest. If anyone has another suggestion, pls feel free to do a write-in vote.

Mango Lassi to you all-

-Your Guru, Sri Berm