July 02, 2024

And So, We Come to the End


Let me begin by quoting my last message, on the previous thread:

"Let's get real. The 2nd presidential debate is scheduled for Sept. 10th. Schmiden will not, between now and then, or after, step aside as the Democratic candidate. He may shine this time around (altho not likely), but it won't make any difference. On Nov. 5th, he'll get creamed. He'll have his ass handed to him on a silver platter. Or it may be close, but either way, he will be defeated, and Trumpaloni will become the president-elect. And why, my friends, why? It all comes down to this: Schmiden is a douchebag. There is simply no denying this core fact. It won't matter that Trumpi is lower than pond scum, a fascist and a total bulvan. All that matters is that Schmiden is a douchebag, and douchebags are unelectable.

"And with that, we will enter the end phase of the American empire."

The fact is, with this incredible, anti-democratic decision, the Supreme Court handed Trumpi a victory in November. (Imagine: the SC ruled that Trump was above the law. Gott in Himmel!) It makes no difference if Schmiden is replaced by Gov. Newsom or anyone else. At this pt, Trumpi cd be running against God, and still win. I predicted the end of America in the Twilight book, 24 years ago. I spelled out what had to be done if America was to avert disaster. Not only was this ignored (whoever heard of me, anyway?), but in the case of each of the 4 factors of decline I indicated, that needed to be arrested, the US did exactly the opposite, thus accelerating the decline. 24 years later, it has all come to pass. Trump will win, and America will be effectively finished by 2030. I mean, come on: Cassandra (me) has been right all along; is it likely that my predictive powers have suddenly deserted me? Dark times await us, amigos, and they are going to be very dark.

On the bright side, getting the US off the international stage, relegating it to 3rd-rate status, means it won't be able to do as much damage as it usually does. From rogue country to broken country, we might describe it. (Consider the post-imperial impotence of England, as a gd example of this.) Most of the planet will hardly mourn our passing; ca va sans dire. Karma, my friends; karma. You reap what you sow.