June 03, 2019


Well, Waferinos, life in America gets more dysfunctional every day. Massacres, warmongering, widespread desperation and drugs of all kinds (hustling especially), and increasing techno-buffoonery: Could a declinist ask for more? I suspect that the fact of our descent into oblivion is recognized on an unconscious level by many Americans--perhaps even most. Making it conscious is, of course, no easy task, and with few exceptions this conscious understanding is acknowledged by only a few in the mainstream media. But there is some progress: as I mentioned in the last thread, the New Yorker has now published an essay asserting that cell phones are making us sick, and are destructive of everything it means to be human. So they took 15 years to catch up to me; that's OK. I predict that the conscious awareness of our national collapse will similarly increase over time, although it will probably take a while (50-100 years) for me to show up on the front cover of Time. In the meantime, the conclusion of the American experiment awaits a new Thomas Cole, to give us the visuals.