September 07, 2017

Reminder: Blog Closing Sept. 10

Wafers and all fans of The Greatest Blog on Earth:

If you scroll back two posts, you'll see my schedule for the rest of 2017. This is just to remind you that I'm taking a much-needed holiday in Italy, and that the blog will be closed during Sept. 10-Oct. 4. Please don't post anything during that time. I realize that the psychological hardship involved is potentially severe, and that some of you might want to check into your local hospital and get yourselves hooked up to a Haldol IV drip. And of course there's always Prozac and Xanax. But you might also get yourself a few good books to pass the time, and then we can pick up where we left off on Oct. 5. I'll be sure to fill you in on my conference with the Pope.

As for the NY Wafer Summit Meeting, Oct. 29, we obviously still have time; but this is just a gentle reminder, that if you are an active blog participant and want to attend, just send a note to me at, and if you're eligible, I'll send you the venue. We'll be having lunch at 1 p.m., fueled by rivers of alcohol.

I continue working with the publisher on AWTY. Publishing is always a gigantic struggle, for some awful reason. I have a feeling I'm going to be doing some last-minute editing work from Internet cafes in Rome, but hopefully the damn thing will be online at Amazon sometime in Oct., Nov. at the latest. Please plan to buy hundreds of copies for Xmas gifts.

Just remember that Hillary is a Botox-filled douche baguette, and you'll never go wrong.

I love you all-