July 23, 2019

The Happy Book (at last)

Well, Waferinos, it's been a long haul, but at last The Happy Book is finally available. I call it that because it made me happy to write it, and I'm hoping it will make you happy to read it. One thing that got omitted from the Amazon listing: the book has 21 plates, 14 of them in color. I say this because $25 is a lot for a short book, unless it has so many illustrations. I've asked Amazon, via my publisher, to add this info, so potential buyers won't be put off. Whether or not Amazon will do it is, of course, anyone's guess.


Anyway, put it on your coffee table, get all your friends excited. :-)


July 22, 2019


Well, Waferinos-

Here we are, with things getting progressively worse. Regarding Iran, I have written the Pentagon urging them to also nuke Toronto and Paris, but those yokels pay me no heed. Domestically, the rot is frustratingly slow; but it does deepen on a daily basis. On the American tendency to ram head up ass, I've been reading "American Hysteria," by Andrew Burt, and "American Panic," by Mark Stein. Jesus, we are so incredibly stupid. Burt has a final chapter on how to deal with the next bout of hysteria (which is upon us now, I suppose); yeah, that'll work. Perhaps his next book will be on phrenology.