January 29, 2022

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Well, we've had a good time discussing Tulsi, Tulsism, chicken sandwich suppositories, and the staunch refusal of Dems/progs/wokes to stop beating off. As we slowly crawl toward Nov. 8, the inevitability of the 'left' (there's a joke for ya) getting creamed at the polls looms clearly on the horizon. At the conclusion of the last thread I posted an article suggesting how the US could, or 'should', do something intelligent (which is to say, counter-intuitive) during its twilight years. But this is where savvy historians know better, because the historical record, as Arnold Toynbee clearly demonstrated, is that this is not what dying empires do. What they do is keep on with what brought them to the point of self-destruction in the first place, because that's really all they know. And as 'exceptional' as America likes to regard itself, it will not escape its fate. It will even accelerate its self-destructive trajectory. Declinists just shrug.