August 13, 2021


Well, that last thread was a good discussion. I wish, as the Great Seer of the Western Hemisphere (GSWH), and facilitator of the Greatest Blog on Earth (GBOE), that I had some words of wisdom to impart at this point. But--I don't. I can report to you that the antisemitic trollfoons have all but vanished. All I get now is the occasional hit-and-run message along the lines of "Yr a kike, I hate u"--evidence of the great intelligence possessed by these folks. But maybe most of them finally wised up, decided it was pointless to attack someone who can defeat them so easily (after all, without testes they don't exactly pose a serious threat), and found another Jew to annoy. I wish them godspeed. Anyway, let us continue our discussion, recognizing that 99% of the American population is clueless as to what is going on, and forge ahead, a beacon of light in a very dark time, and a very dark nation. A very few will hear us, and quite honestly, that is all we ask.