August 25, 2017

US Thrashing Around in Its Death Throes

Hola Waferinos-

I thought it might be time for a lurid title to this new post, the more so since it's true. Trumpi is extending a 16-year-old losing war in Afghanistan, appropriately called "the graveyard of empires." Hillary is publishing a book claiming that Trump is a creep, without checking out the mirror before she goes to press. Bannon is gone, now attacking Trumpo; the Dems continue to fulfill their role as complete turkeys; pussy hats failed to overthrow the government, oddly enough; hate marches abound, while Confederate statues continue to get torn down; and so on. Trumpi has no idea what he's doing, and in general the country has no purpose whatsoever. China and Russia circle above, as the carcass writes in its death agony. Obviously, a great time to be alive.

But these are minor events. The major ones are that the blog will be closed during Sept. 10-Oct. 4, while yours truly splits a pizza with Francisco at the Vatican and discusses with the Holy Father what happens to turkeys when they are cast into the depths of Hell; and that the 4th or 5th NY Wafer Summit Meeting will take place on Oct. 29. For those of you who qualify, and are in the Crème de la Crème, please remember to write me at, so that I can give you the Secret Venue. The number of those begging to be let in has now exceeded the 1000 mark, but they will have to be cruelly (but necessarily) rebuffed. Tough turkey meat, you guys; you should have thought of it earlier, when you could have established a high-profile blog presence. Now you can just go to Horn & Hardart, if it still exists, and cry your eyes out over shitty coffee and pie from a slot machine.

Speaking of the Vatican, some of you have chastised me, that American stupidity is hardly recent. I do recall my high school history teacher reading, to our class, some of the answers from the NY State Regents Exam--this around 1960--demonstrating how brain-dead American students were. One wrote about Michelangelo, "He painted his dome in the 16th chapel." I wonder if ol' Michel was bald...

Anyway, let's keep those posts coming, until Sept. 10, when total darkness descends (for a while).