May 03, 2016


Well, Waferinos, nothing much on my mind these days, although I'm looking forward to my Canadian tour, and hanging out with lots of Canadian Wafers. Lectures at U of Waterloo May 13 and 14, and bkstore rdg in Vancouver on May 18. Also the 1st Canadian Wafer Summit Meeting will take place in Vancouver, where we can hunker down over dinner and plan how Wafers can take over the world. It should be an exciting time. Meanwhile, let's keep arguing abt the progs, or whatever you'd like to discuss. ps: I should also add that two of my out of print bks, Counting Blessings and Spinning Straw Into Gold, may make it back online within the next couple of months, and that I also made my first foray into erotica, with a new novel that might shock and revulse (is that a word?) the reading public. Still editing it, however, so ya'll will have to wait.

Take care,