August 04, 2022

Stupid People-->Incompetent Leaders-->Foolish Decisions-->National Collapse


OK, here is how it actually is. This is finally the only narrative worth entertaining.

1.The American people are basically out of it. They are clueless and stupid. If you don’t believe me, just go up to one—any one—in the street, and try to engage them on any issue of substance. They will just stare at you, uncomprehendingly. Most of you have already had this experience. The truth is that there is nothing of consequence in their heads. (The World Series, how to make more money, sex, etc.) Ask them what the initials FDR stand for, for example, or what is the capital of New York State (they’ll say, “New York”). 2.As George Carlin told us, stupid people elect stupid leaders. How in the world do we have the likes of Greene, Boebert, Schmamala, Tulsi, Trump, Pelosi—it’s a long list—in office? These people are little more than jokes, and millions adore them. They have no self-transparency, and no real understanding of American history—why the US does what it does. The best they can do is repeat slogans, and think that that’s thinking. 3.Not rocket science: stupid leaders make stupid decisions, ones that are programmed from centuries ago, and that are ultimately self-destructive. (I discuss some of this programming in QOV. For example, the age-old need to have an enemy, and thus to constantly live in a war mentality, and to make war when there is no genuine cause for it.) 4.Bad decisions involve living reactively, from moment to moment, whereas our “enemies” are smart; they play the long game, and they will, as a result, eclipse us. Meanwhile, most nations no longer take us seriously. We look like fools because we are fools. These nations have to tiptoe around us, because we are like a baby waving a bazooka. But they know we have force, not strength. (We don't even know what strength is.) Meanwhile, even our force is draining away, on a daily basis. We have no spiritual purpose; we are just drifting, without any meaning at all. 5.What country decides to take on 2 great powers simultaneously? Ukraine is a proxy for our totally unnecessary war w/Russia, and Taiwan a semi-proxy for an unnecessary confrontation w/China. Who does this, except governments run by people who are effectively brain dead? And who believes this “democracy” crap except the American people, who will believe anything? Anyone w/half a brain knows that Schmiden doesn’t give a shit abt the Ukrainians, and that Schmelosi cdn’t care less abt the Taiwanese. It’s all posturing for the sake of posturing—the refuge of the impotent. 6. Arnold Toynbee demonstrated that civilizations don’t collapse by being invaded from the outside. No, he said; instead, they commit suicide by making all the wrong moves. There is simply no other way to (accurately) interpret what is happening to us. Meanwhile, intelligent civilizations, such as Russia and China, are biding their time. Why attack America when it is doing a bang-up job of attacking itself? 7. Just a ps: Exactly what *is* American civilization? It is a culture only in an anthropological sense; in our case, a gun culture; which is, really, a death culture. In terms of culture in the sense of creativity: Where is the American Dostoevsky? The American Verdi? The American Picasso? 0. What, exactly, will be lost to the world as America slides down the chute to oblivion? Democracy? Ha! Basically, a cover for capitalism, which Americans, like Milton Friedman (a high-IQ moron), equate with freedom, even as it crushes the life out of them.