April 08, 2015


Well Wafers-

I suspect we've wrung all we can out of the Symbology theme, so it might be time to move on to greener (or purpler?) pastures. The only trouble is, I can't imagine, at this point, what these might be. Shaneka Torres? Poop in Wal-Mart? There's only so much one can say about these colorful, patriotic Americans, beyond wishing that they become presidential candidates. Speaking of which, we could devote ourselves to Hillary; but every time I see that pasty-faced imperialist robot online, I have an urge to bring up all my meals from the past 24 hours; and how much we can discuss vomit here--well, I dunno, really; there's gotta be an upper limit.

Then there's the foolishness of 'progressives', and the general stupidity of the American people...One theme we've sort of discussed before is what the latter see when they watch TV programs that are nuanced, or even critical of US policies. For example, in the series called Homeland, which deals with the futile and destructive antics of the CIA, there is a comment every so often, given the inevitable carnage of innocents that CIA activity generates, along the lines of: "Is this really worth it?", or, "What are we doing, anyway?" I imagine these sorts of self-critiques go over the heads of American viewers, who just translate the show into good guys vs. bad guys, and of course we are the good guys. But then, the dumber we are, the faster we slide into oblivion. So, always a silver lining on the horizon, eh?

Perhaps the theme of 242 should be left completely open, left up to you guys to decide whatever subjects you want to raise. So on that note: let the fun begin!