July 10, 2013

The Postman Lecture

Dear Wafers:

This has the advantage of including the Q&A. Hope you enjoy it.


July 09, 2013

184: Corned Beef, Pastrami, and Other Deli Meats

Oye, Wafers and Waferettes!

As usual, I have little to say, except to encourage you to consult your post-its every morning for a quick reality check. In addition, you might want to start each day by meditating on Kim Kardashian's buttocks, the wit and wisdom of Bunmi Laditan, and other items that deservedly capture the attention of that great repository of wisdom and insight, The American People. All of us, I know, mourn the passing of Rom Mittney and Michele Shit-for-Brains from the American political scene, and pray for a Sarah Palin comeback, if only as a host on SNL. I also wish to take this opportunity to salute the 'progressives', who assure us that with just a little grass-roots activism, we are going to turn this nation around. I mean, how reassuring is that?!

In the meantime, word has it that Spinning Straw Into Gold is on the verge of being released, but then its been on the verge for 3 months now. Counting Blessings is finally back in stock on Amazon; I'm also waiting for them to list the re-release of Coming to Our Senses. So it's a busy time with not much happening, except that I'm working abt 10 hrs/day on my Japan book. Karoshi, they call it: death from overwork. But I won't say sayonara just yet.

Other than that, always keep in mind that it can only get worse, and as Walter Cronkite used to say, "You Are there."