April 07, 2017

SSIG Is Back!

Good news, Wafers: Spinning Straw Into Gold is finally back online:


Given the vagaries of American publishing these days, it took forever, but it is at long last back in print. If you didn't buy it way back in 2013, here's an opportunity to purchase the new improved edition (with almost identical content).

One thing did, however, get lost in translation, and this is a first for me: the Customer Reviews got wiped out when the book went offline in 2013, and cannot be retrieved. There were something like 21 reviews; if I remember correctly, something like 18 were very positive, and something like 3 very negative. Since Amazon cannot restore this lost material, I want to make an appeal to those of you who did write a review way back when to rewrite and repost it again, if that's at all possible. I realize that you are not likely to still have your original review in your possession, but perhaps you could skim your copy of the book as a reminder, and then send in something to Amazon based on your memory or impression. I realize this is a strange thing to ask, but inasmuch as Amazon did permanently remove the previous set of Customer Reviews, there isn't much else I can do at this point.

I thank you all, and for the 1st or 2nd time--happy reading!