December 24, 2017

Ho Ho Ho

Well, Waferinos, Merry Xmas! May this year be filled with pastrami, corned beef, matzo ball soup, cole slaw with Russian dressing, dill pickles, and Cel-Ray tonic.

Right now, 2018 is more or less a blank slate for me. I have to give a lecture in Merida in March, and will visit friends in Ireland and England in October. But of course, I am looking forward to what Trumpi will do, and can only hope it will be extremely damaging. Which is likely, as we all know. 2017 was a bumper year for him screwing the country, and 2018 could well be even more horrific. Maybe we will nuke Toronto and Paris after all, as I've been urging the Pentagon to do. Hey, a man can dream.

Kim Jong-un's haircut continues to look absurd, and for that alone, North Korea also needs to be nuked.

Anyway, Wafers are marching ahead, 173 strong, showing the remaining 325 million what a real life is like. To all of you, comrades in arms, the best to us in 2018.