November 05, 2013


Well, Wafers: We did it! 7.5 years after this world-changing blog was launched, we reached the 200th post. They laughed; they said It couldn't be done; but we did it. Like the Wright Bros. at Kitty Hawk, we soared, a kind of mental drone, revealing the disintegration of the American empire, for all to see. They quaked in their boots, the DoD, NSA, NYSE, FBI, CIA, and the W.H., for they knew that Belman and the Wafers (sounds like a fifies rock band, like Danny and the Juniors--be sure to Google them; I remember at Cornell when I was a freshman, there was a group called Pontius Pilate and the Nail-Drivin' Five, which many of us thought was a tad out of taste, but you gotta understand the climate of the times) had their number, and that the jig was up.

Still, even way back in 2006, who could have predicted the depth, the intensity, of the Cranial-Rectal Embedment (CRE) that would come to be everyday fare in this fair land of ours? Could we have imagined this?:

Or this?:

It's things such as these that inspire us Wafers to renewed efforts, and new heights. So I say to you all: Onward to the next 200 posts! What awaits us 7.5 years hence, God only knows.