October 05, 2018

Blog Holidays

Notice to Wafers and all fellow travelers: I realize that temporary shutdown of the blog is a source of great frustration and unhappiness for all of you. Last time it happened, we had several psychotic episodes, tho many of you managed to avoid these through heavy use of Prozac. So I felt it was my duty to inform you, right now, of some blog holidays coming up due to an erratic schedule on my part, and the proverbial circumstances beyond my control. Please make a note of this schedule, so that you won’t be posting to the ether during the upcoming holidays.

-Between now and Oct. 14: no problem, I’m here.

-Oct. 15-Nov. 7: Visiting friends in England and Ireland; the blog will be on holiday. Please do not post during this time.

-Nov. 9-11: Short window of availability, so that we all can have a temporary respite from these awful blogouts.

-Nov. 12-25: Blog holiday. The years of tennis have caught up w/me, my friends; I have to have surgery for a torn rotator cuff (right shoulder) on Nov. 13, after which my right arm will be in a sling for 6 weeks. I’m not sure how long my typing ability will be impaired, but I’m guessing about 2 weeks, which means we can return to blog heaven on

-Nov. 26: Blog re-opens for business.

As I said, I’m sorry to do this to you all (y’all). I know that for at least 169 registered Wafers, this is your only contact with the real world (which is as it should be). So please, make sure to arrange for the appropriate medications. Anyway, we still have 10 days until the blog holiday schedule kicks in.

I’ll miss you-