February 27, 2019

Calling All NY Wafers

Well, the excitement mounts. We are only a few weeks away from the 6th Annual NY Wafer Summit Meeting (6ANYWSM), which will occur on April 13 at 1pm. Wafers are threatening to fly in from LA and Indonesia, and I think a couple of penguins from Antarctica as well. I am now asking all active participants on this blog who plan to attend this Incredible Event to send your email address to me at mauricio@morrisberman.com. I will then send you the venue, and we can meet there on April 13. This is classified information; do not reveal the venue to anyone!

For those of you who have tragically failed to participate since 5ANYWSM: rotten luck, amigos. I begged you to participate, but did you listen? No! And now, yr out in the cold. Suggestion: as of April 17, start participating!

For those nonparticipants who have been sending me expensive gifts (i.e., bribes): What do you take me for? Save yr money, muchachos!

Finally, this blog will shut down during April 9-16. I'll be reminding you of this closer to the date.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, sadder than not being a Wafer.