August 05, 2019

The Fix Is In


Dark days, with all these shootings. No surprise to declinists, really. I mean, we're in the end game now, and the historical record is that the end game is ugly. I've said this many times before. Things that seem impossible now will in fact occur; Trump as president falls into this category. And don't kid yourself: he will get reelected, and things will get more violent and self-destructive by the day. Americans are on the edge of The War of All Against All; we shall slip over that edge within the next few years--as a number of novelists have already predicted. To outside observers, whether allies or enemies, we have the appearance of a nation not merely out of control, but irrevocably fucked up. We are certainly not a nation which other countries can admire, look up to. The lights are going out for the "City Upon a Hill," and I think there is a worldwide understanding that our end is in the cards. For most nations of the world, I suspect, this will come as a relief.