July 19, 2020



Following up on the podcast with Bret Weinstein, from the last thread: I think most of us here would say that the BLM and anti-racist protests are an attempt (emotional though it may be) to redress a situation of systemic oppression of black people, rendering them second-class citizens for a very long time now, as well as the targets of white police. Bret, and I'm guessing many others, see all this in a different light: an attempt on the part of these protest groups to grab power for themselves, and via political correctness, to shut down all discourse. My own view is that these two takes on the situation are not mutually exclusive, and that both factors could be operating at the same time. Bret also believes that the bubbas are reacting rationally. I.e., if they correctly(?) see the protests as an attempted power grab, they understand that if the 'left' does seize power, it will be at their expense. Hence the anti-demonstrations, show of guns, and so on. What thus may be operating now in America is the conflict between two types of incipient fascism, which is ripping the country apart. (Where the Karens fit into this cosmic struggle is, I'm guessing, unclear. O dem Karens!)

I keep thinking of that line from Talleyrand, in the wake of the Terror (1793-94): "Above all, no zeal." No chance of that in the US today, unfortunately; though again, from a declinist point of view, it may be a good thing.

O&D, chicos-