January 08, 2014


Dear Wafers (and Waferettes):

Time to move on to a new post. Only 8 days into the new year, and we are blessed by a few contributions from trolls and buffoons. Ya gotta love 'em; or at least, *I* do. They are what makes this country great.

Of course, I'd love to post something intelligent here, but as in the past, my mind is a wind tunnel; it resembles that of G.W.Bush. What a thought. But I'm up to my eyeballs these days, muchachos: trying to get the pb edn of WAF finished and online on Amazon, and then there's the last chapter of the Japan book...don't ask. Other events you Wafers might be interested in:

-A publisher in Athens wants to translate SSIG into Greek. Greek, I say. Next thing you know, I'll be giving lectures at the Parthenon, between large platters of dolmades. Just call me Zorba.

-The Spanish trans of SSIG, "De paja a oro," should be out by spring. More lectures, but this time punctuated by chiles en nogada.

-Moving rt along: I'll be doing a phone interview (again, on SSIG) on the Judith Regan Show (based in NY; pastrami this time?) the morning of Jan. 25. For those of you who can't hear it live, not to worry, I'll post the link.

-Departure date for Tokyo: April 9. I was also invited down to Vietnam, so I'll spend a few days in Hanoi. I keep wondering if the Jane Fonda Institute of American Studies is still functioning, after all these years.

Sayonara, Chicos; try to stay warm.