February 15, 2018



So as I was saying at the end of the last thread, I feel bad about the odd disappearance of Sarah Palin and Ging Newtrich. Come to think of it, Rom Mittney has been rather silent, and Michele Bachmann rose briefly, only to sink once more into the deep. I miss her cutting-edge intellect. Botox Face is surely hiding in the wings, wondering when to strike. Of course, the most dramatic absence is that of Bunmi Laditan. Who could forget that heart-warming book, "Toddlers Are Assholes"? And what are the Bunmis of this world, I ask you? Are they not orifices? If you prick them, do they not bleed? Ah, Bunmi, Bunmi.

Anyway, Wafers are encouraged to ruminate on all of these fine Americans, and to create great scenarios of collapse, in which some or all of them play starring roles.