June 05, 2018

The Presidential Blog-Medal of Honor


Over the last few months, this blog has achieved levels of brilliance never before seen in the blogosphere. It occurred to me that there was a Presidential Medal of Honor for a variety of activities, but not for a blog. It also occurred to me that while this blog deserved such a PMH, the likelihood of getting Trumpeta to bestow such an award on us was probably a long shot—even though Wafers have been among his most fervent supporters. What to do? But then I thought: If Trumpoli can pardon himself, which he has hinted he might do, why can’t this blog simply award itself a Presidential Blog-Medal, Trumpi be damned? I am therefore taking the liberty of awarding the blog the First Presidential Blog-Medal of Honor. We have earned it, we deserve it, and if Trumpo doesn’t like it, he can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Let us devote this particular post to touting our amazing achievements. That we are magnificent is beyond debate, and now is a good time to rave and drool over what we have accomplished. Of course, if anyone wants to continue documenting our descent as a nation into dog excrement, that's OK too.