February 16, 2022


We drift toward Nov. 8, when the Dems will have their rumps handed to them on a platter. This could then pave the way for Trumpaloni in 2024, or perhaps some Trump-like candidate. On a daily basis, the nation seems more stupid, more violent, and more full of rage. Schmiden's resurrection of the Cold War, complete with America's eternal unwillingness to see the other side's point of view, is all of a piece. Arnold Toynbee's observation, that in the final phase of empire, the empire will double down on precisely those behaviors that were eroding it in the first place, is there for all to see. Bill Maher continues to try to wake the country up; talk about a wasted effort. Meanwhile, millions of Americans worship Kanye West, whose face closely resembles a horse's ass. This even more so now, when Kim's buttocks are in other hands. Covid deaths are moving toward the 1 million mark; entire communities are being wiped out by suicide, alcoholism, opioid abuse (fentanyl especially), and numerous other drugs. The rich fly off to Mars (or wherever); the poor are ground into the dirt. What is left of the middle class now reads cell fones instead of books (except for diet and self-help books). Randomly stopped on the street and asked elementary questions (e.g., What does Y-E-S spell?), Americans haven't the foggiest idea. The data of our demise comprise a very long list; our citizens more closely resemble jokes than human beings. Meanwhile, Jewish Space Lasers circle the globe, inoculating gentiles with covid, and probably collecting blood from little Christian boys to bake in matzoh; while Whoopi Goldberg tells us that the Jews are not a race. Yet another high-IQ moron, but then the US has millions of them, dutifully reading the NYT every day to be reassured that all will be well. Honestly, what left is there to say?