March 19, 2024



The destruction, and self-destruction, of America and Israel continues at a quickening pace. I have talked about a tectonic shift, geopolitically speaking. Which is also known as karma, as the US fades in influence and importance, and the Global South, and the historic victims of colonialism, start to assert themselves. Very likely, the Ukraine is down for the count, and a host of American opponents--Russia, China, BRICs, India, the Islamic world, and so on, flex their muscles on the playing field. At home, the US might be facing fascism, collapse, or if we are lucky, secessionist movements. Very few Americans grasp the fact that America is finished; very few have the intellectual ability to grasp it. Very few understand that our values are wrong, and that we have poisoned the world with them.

For a bit of relief--I hope not too comic--let me recommend the second story in my short-story collection, The Heart of the Matter. This would be a much better world than one hegemon replacing another. Power, power, power, as if that's all the human race were capable of. Bo-ring.