May 05, 2014

Our Man in Hanoi


Just arrived in Hanoi, managed to arrange a date with Jane Fonda for later this week at the Jane Fonda Institute. Am very excited about this, although she says that before we engage in any hanky-panky, she needs to know the state of my involvement with Sarah Palin. "You explicitly wrote on your blog," says Jane, "that you were intending to marry Sarah and copulate with her on an ice floe in Alaska, among the meese, and with Ed Meese present." I assured her that I had long since withdrawn my marriage proposal to Sarah, regarded Ed Meese as a douche bag, and had eyes only for her (i.e., Jane). Men are so fickle, as the Waferettes on this blog can surely attest to. Anyway, I'll let you know how all this turns out.

Meanwhile, I got picked up at the airport by my host's assistant, and as we left the area there was a big sign that said: CA CAC CA. I kid you not. I took this to be a comment on Obama's foreign policy. Then, as we entered the city, another sign said HOT DUNG. This I regarded as a comment on the contents of the cranium of the average American citizen. I'd like to add that there was another sign that said LOON I BINH, referring to how the Vietnamese viewed the US in general; but unfortunately, that sign is yet to be erected. But clearly, we are dealing with a very smart population (here, of course, not in the US). Anyway, stay tuned; more will be revealed.