July 03, 2020



Well, I don't have much to add today, beyond the obvious observation that the US is going to hell in a handbasket. Things are unraveling much faster than I expected. Like most of us, I never imagined Covid or George Floyd, which have picked up the pace of our chaotic collapse-in-progress. And then, much of the country has rejected Covid, so the EU has rejected us (a remarkable development)--part of the Suez Disintegration, I'm guessing. As for BLM and associated protests, the cops show no signs of changing, and the movement has devolved into an intense preoccupation with political correctness, which will leave the structures of power intact. The Civil Rights movement, for all its importance, didn't threaten those structures; indeed, economically speaking, black people are in the same position today that they were in 1950 (amazingly enough).

Anyway, I had picked this decade as the End Time for America, based on the increasing dysfunction of capitalism--which is still true, I believe, but now the whole thing seems to be on steroids. Having Trumpi in the White House, and the country moving toward civil war, is no small contribution to the process. Just as an aside, though, I have lately been wondering if some hospital or lab could run MRI's on a bubba brain and a prog brain, and then compare the results. I can't help thinking they might actually be identical.