November 12, 2021


Well, Wafers, our descent into fascism continues at its relentless pace. Every day one reads something online about the headway the GOP is making in this direction. A year from now, Biden will get creamed in the mid-term elections; two years later, Trumpi, with Tulsi Gabbard as his running mate, will hand him his ass on a platter. This blog will remain the only locale where truth is seen as something that has to be corroborated by evidence. Most Americans don't know what evidence is, however, so maybe that won't be any great loss. In the meantime, the Buffoon Index (BI) climbs higher and higher on a daily basis, while OB-GYN wards across the nation are cranking out future morons by the thousands. Myself, I can't help it: from a certain angle, this is a load of fun. Hee hee.