October 18, 2016

Nach Deutschland, Meine Kinder

Notice to all Waferinos-

The University of Mainz has asked me to give some lectures during Nov. 1-15, so I'll be taking the big silver bird into the skies on Oct. 31 to Frankfurt. This is just advance notice: PLEASE don't post to this blog during that time, as I probably won't have blog access and will be rather busy during that time anyway. I'll send you all a 2nd reminder b4 I leave, but I just wanted to post this right now. I know that many of you suffer badly in absence of the blog--hives, rashes, a few psychotic episodes--and I apologize for being away. I mean, where else are you going to check in to reality? The New York Times? Ha, that was funny. But just hold your breath, we'll be back in action on Nov. 16.