June 22, 2017



Well, it's been an exciting time. Every day, more evidence of collapse. There's the Evergreen disaster as the tip of the iceberg of a nation that has lost its moorings, and its ability to think straight (or think at all); there are the data that pile up on drug use and widespread misery; there's the evidence you guys have been sending in, documenting our violence and stupidity; and then, suddenly--I love it--a resurgence of trollfoons! Jesus, what could make the ol' berm happier than to crush them like roaches. I'm having fun, and I have them to thank for it. Go, trollfoons!

So we are making progress on all fronts, at least from a declinist point of view. And then, of course, there is Trumpi, who does seem to be carrying out the mandate assigned to him, of dismantling our society. He is--again, from a declinist point of view--an absolutely wonderful president. And having shmucks around like Reince Priebus (what kind of a name is that, anyway?) and Steve Bannon is also an encouraging thing.

Meanwhile, everyone seems worried about the Korean nuclear threat, whereas I suspect the real threat is Kim Jong-un's haircut. An international disgrace, for sure. Wafers are encouraged to write to the Korean leader, recommending various barbers to him.