December 13, 2023

The Charge of the Douche Brigade


I tell ya, I think I'm outta words this time around. What can one say? It's sorta like Tennyson's "Charge of the Light Brigade," just a bit modified: "Douchebags to the right of us/Douchebags to the left of us/Douchebags in front of us/And yet the brave Wafers sallied forth..."

This is no exaggeration. You look around, and you see the US, Israel, and the Ukraine doing precisely the opposite of what they should be doing. Is it stupidity, or the strange attraction of these countries to self-destruction? Or is that the same thing as stupidity? I don't know, anymore. But I do know that there is one place we can all go if we are interested in reality rather than insanity and douchebaggery: right here, this blog. The one shining light in a world gone mad. So welcome!, and let us continue our discussion.