April 12, 2018

Twelve Years On


I don't recall the exact date, but it was in April 2006 that this blog was launched. Since that time, we have established Waferdom as a powerful force in American politics. The number of hits received is now in excess of 3.33 million, and the monthly count is in excess of 40,000. Our place as the highest form of spiritual consciousness on the planet (actually, universe) is completely assured. As 327 million Americans limp along in emptiness, bitterness, outright stupidity, anger, political correctness, Trumpism, Boltism, pussy hats, and clueless illusion, 170 Wafers stand up to them, speaking truth to powerlessness. It's quite a show.

Add to that, we have thoroughly vanquished the trollfoons. They occasionally do a hit-and-run thing on the blog, but 3 words into their fart-laden posts, I simply hit the Delete button. After all, why bother? And indeed, most of them have figured out that they are wasting their (extremely valuable) time, and have migrated to other places. But it was fun, over the years, crushing them like roaches. When you step on the shell of a roach, you hear a crack. Similarly, when you step on a trollfoon, you hear the crack of their egos breaking into pieces. It's a wonderful sound.

Every day validates the predictions I made in the Twilight book, and the analyses I offered in DAA and WAF. Jesus, folks, just look at the United States! What a fucking mess. A lunatic president who makes decisions based on impulse. Advisers and cabinet members who actually represent the opposite of the policies of their particular offices. A woman nominated as head of the CIA, who was in charge of torture during our destruction of Iraq (will American women be proud, I wonder, if a woman attains this post? Things have actually gotten that twisted.). You look at the gov't and the words "Zoo Parade" come to mind.

As above, so below, wrote Wm Blake. Turkeys in the gov't/turkeys in the street. Americans are busy flailing around, insisting on an American Dream that died years ago, strangling or knifing their children, gunning each other down like dogs, rioting at McDonald's and Wal-Mart, stuffing themselves with opioids and alcohol and cell fones and prescription drugs and--well, anything to keep the pain of this absurd way of life at bay. Most of them die lonely and miserable, wondering what the hell their lives were about, haunted by the suspicion that they weren't about anything at all. Not quite what any of them signed up for.

Meanwhile, Wafers keep on Wafering. It's an important question: why do 327 million people wake up feeling empty and miserable, and 170 people wake up with a smile, ready to take on the day? Not rocket science: unlike the 327 million, Wafers live in reality; and even if that reality is occasionally difficult or arduous or a pain in the ass, at least--it's real! This is how you get to feel that your life is worthwhile.

I suppose I should say a few words about what I'm up to these days. As most of you know, I am largely senile and decrepit, but I've been counteracting this with yoga, pilates, acupuncture, workouts in the gym, massage, decent diet, physical therapy (torn rotator cuff), hanging out with terrific friends (of which I had precious few in the US), and all of that sort of thing. I've also been slowly working on a possible book on Italian culture, which has been very absorbing...I may even write it! And would you believe it? Some of my books--lately, CTOS and AWTY--have been flying off the shelves. Maybe that villa in Toscana is finally within reach (ha ha). Last night, I went with two friends to a play here in Mexico City, and thanks to all the slang I understood about 10% of it. (I went because another friend of mine was acting in it.) We then repaired to a bar, knocked back a few Bohemias, and they explained the play to me in 'normal' Spanish. Quite honestly: Does life get any better than this? (Well, OK, a gorgeous woman in her 30s or 40s with a ravenous sexual appetite would not be unwelcome, but I'm not holding my breath.)

Anyway, let me close this bloviating exercise in self-adulation by wishing all Wafers everywhere fabulous days and nights, large doses of reality, and 12 more years of glorious bloggery and Waferdom. We rock, man!