September 06, 2019


We are imploding on a daily basis. It actually has more to do with what America is, than with Trumpaloney. Altho I love Trumpaloney, and want him to keep doing what he's doing. Other than that, let's all remember that this is the only blog that deals with Reality. Everything else is a thick syrup of warm dog poopy.



Anonymous Dan said...

I attended 2 comedy shows in Atlantic City. One comedian said he and his wife had just returned from Israel. There was not a single clap-complete silence. At the other show the comedian said he was Jewish. OK, he continued to get laughs. Then he said, "I'm Jewish" again and he completely bombed the rest of his act.
Albeit small, these events told me American gentiles are slowly reaching their limit with regard to Jews and/or Israel.They're tired of being told what they are allowed to say or think and are pissed off the US gives Israel billions while conditions here get worse. A Japanese kotowaza (proverb) comes to mind: "If you slap the Buddha 3 times, he'll get angry." In other words, everyone has a limit.
Atlantic City,by the way, has essentially killed silence. All along the boardwalk are video screens that blare advertisements 24/7. It's now impossible to have a relaxing stroll as you're bombarded with inane announcements. One of the most heartfelt talks I had with my father took place while sitting along boardwalk. Needless to say, such a conversation would be impossible now.

8:03 PM  
Blogger Bill Hicks said...

We haven't had a good Kim Kardashian story in awhile--she's SUCH an inspiration: Plastic surgery addict who spent over $500K to look like Kim Kardashian reveals she has finally 'learned her lesson' after botched fillers left her with 'fish lips.' It's not "news," it's the Daily Fail.

Burning Man--a pointless gathering for wealthy douchebags: Deaths, sexual assault, and art controversy color this year's Burning Man. "...several former and current employees and volunteers for Burning Man...painted a picture of a dangerous and stressful work environment and a toxic management culture. Those who spoke exclusively to Salon recalled tales of labor abuse, unequal wages, on-the-job-injuries including permanent blindness and a management that manipulated workers who were hurt or who tried to fight for improved conditions." Just like anywhere else in modern corporate America, in other words.

In other news, according to the Expat Insider survey, America has fallen from the 5th best country in which to live in 2014 (out of 64 countries listed) to 47th for the 2nd consecutive year. Mexico ranked 4th. We're No. 47! USA! USA! USA!

10:02 PM  
Blogger FarmerBrown said...

Do you have any particular affinity for lemons, Wafers?
This gentleman talks about driving over them.....

12:54 AM  
Anonymous Tom Servo said...

Suicide rates are on the rise, especially in rural America. “From 1999 to 2016, the rate of suicide among Americans ages 25 to 64 rose by 41 percent, researchers reported in JAMA Network Open. Rates among people living in rural counties were 25 percent higher than those in major metropolitan areas.”

Indicators of despair such as depression, suicide and drug/alcohol abuse are rising among members of Generation X.

3:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus, what a mess in the UK eh? I still think BoJo will pull it off and take the UK out of the EU on Oct 31st. His determination to defeat Progs is big and I love the guy because of it. Go BoJo!


6:37 AM  
Blogger Krakhed said...

Another day, Another corruption exposed:

11:06 PM  
Blogger Tim2 said...

Good Morning Dr MB and Wafers

Perhaps a close clone to John McCain with the notable
exception of stars on his epaulettes in addition to a welcome
return to the mother’s womb of General Dynamics.

10:49 AM  
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