December 04, 2017

Hell Bent on Disaster


Nothing like a dramatic (but correct) title to usher in the new year. The passage of the GOP tax bill is giving Americans what they have endorsed since 1945: extreme individualism, the "endless frontier," the "religion" of America, hustling, competition, and empire. And of course, very little kindness; very few breaks for the less fortunate. So now, we are reaping what we sowed, namely being ground into the dirt. Yes, we certainly are a City on the Hill, a model for all nations to follow!

Me, I'm throwing a New Year's party at my apartment in Mexico City. At midnight, we shall all look North, shake our heads, and sigh.

One thing I can assure you: 2018 will be worse. "How long, O Cataline, will you abuse our patience?" (Cicero)


November 22, 2017

Pardoning Turkeys

Well, Trumpi pardoned a turkey. A wonderful thing, to be sure. But what about the 325 million or so other turkeys, walking the streets of our fair nation, and shopping their eyeballs out? Shouldn't they receive a pardon as well? Our Leader has been conspicuously silent about that.

And so, as we careen toward Thanksgiving and Xmas and the New Year, and contemplate our fellow Americans trying to stuff the emptiness in their lives with Wal-Mart, let us look ahead to 2018, and the foolishness that awaits us in the coming year.

I wish you all a fabulous Waferian holiday season, one filled with great inner joy.


November 13, 2017

Looking Back at 2017

Ay, Waferinos!

Is it too soon to look back, to survey the highs and lows of the past year? What I keep noticing is the split between ourselves and the US. This was a disastrous year for the latter, which will be known in history as Trump 1. So much damage he did! What declinist is not excited by this, is not looking forward to yet another year of gaffes and boorishness and misguided foreign and domestic policy? Stupid advisers, ridiculous appointments, China and Russia laughing up their sleeves--the whole 9 yards.

And yet, concomitant with this, we have the world of Waferdom, with its inhabitants having a grand ol' time. The contrast is really fascinating. Here the US is going to hell in a basket, and Wafers everywhere had a pretty good year of it. For me, it started out at the end of 2016, when Trumpi was elected and I was giving lectures in Germany. Watching Botox-Face on German television, heavily sedated, mouthing some scripted message about how the future was female: Jesus, does entertainment get any better than that?

And then spending 3 weeks in Italy, a land of fabulous art, fabulous food, and a landscape to die for. This was followed by the Wafer Summit Meeting in NY, where we all thrust our faces into pie and reveled in the disgusting mess we created: a party like no other, really. Then, for me, an interview with RT, which then proceeded to cut out two small pieces, fold these into other shows, and toss out the rest. Sublime!, as was a visit to the Met with 2 other Wafers. Plus, I ducked into the 2nd Ave Deli and porked out on pastrami, chopped liver, dill pickles, cole slaw with Russian dressing, and a Cel-Ray Tonic. Life doesn't get much better than that, although the publication, at long last, of Are We There Yet?, felt pretty good as well.

For me, the year winds up with a lecture on my Japan book, shortly to be released in Spanish translation, in Guadalajara on Nov. 27. In Spanish, of course, so if any of you hispanohablantes happen to be in the neighborhood, it will take place in the evening, as part of the Feria Internacional de Libros. I hope to see you there, muchachos!

And if I ask myself why, when the US is crumbling, life is so good for us Wafers, there can be only one answer: because we are Wafers! Our lives are glorious, by definition. So all of you, por favor, write in now, and tell us of your triumphs and joys over the past 11 months, and how Waferdom has blessed your life. As Patrick Henry cried at the height of the American Revolution, "Give me liberty, or give me a tuna sandwich on rye with lettuce and mayo!" These are the words of a great man.


November 01, 2017

Yes, We Are Finally There

October 26, 2017

Hold Off for a Week, Amigos


Currently on the road. Access to Internet iffy. Returning to Mexico on Nov. 2. If you cd all hold off posting until Nov. 3, I'd really appreciate it. Many thanks.


October 15, 2017

Berm About to Hit NY; Crowds May Go Insane


Well, here we are again. Not much to report, although I've been enjoying the dialogue we've been having. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, let me give you the Big Schedule once again:

1. Oct. 27, I'm giving a lecture at Thomas More College outside of Cincinnati. I don't know if they are planning to record it; if so, I'll post an audio link on this blog.

2. Oct. 28, I touch down at LaGuardia. Riots expected. "I'm fainting with anticipation," says Marge Schwanzmeister of Queens. "I might actually pee in my pants." Go Marge!

3. Oct. 29, at 1 p.m., the 4th or 5th NY Wafer Summit Meeting will take place at an undisclosed location. Excitement mounts. I look forward to seeing you all at this earth-shattering event. We shall toast Lorenzo Riggins.

4. Oct. 30-Nov. 1: I'll be strolling around NY, with a Secret Service detail nearby to protect me, in case fans go completely out of control.

5. Nov. 2: Return to Mexico, a gracious and loving place.

Keep the faith, amigos-