April 23, 2019

Charge of the Wafer Brigade

With apologies to Lord Tennyson:

"Morons to the right of them/Morons to the left of them/Morons in front of them/Volleyed and thundered/Stormed at with shot and shell/Boldly they rode and well/Into the jaws of douchebaggery/Into the mouth of utter buffoonery/Rode the brave 168."

I think that says it all.


March 31, 2019

Temporary Blog Shutdown April 9-16

As some of you may know, I shall be in NY during that week, participating in the 6th Annual NY Wafer Summit Meeting (6ANYWSM), as well as getting together with old friends. Plus, the mayor will be giving me the key to the city, in addition to assigning the National Guard to protect me from adoring fans. No time for blogging, I fear, so I ask all Wafers and anyone else to please not post during that time. Then as of April 17, we can resume our profound analyses and witty repartee.

April marks the 13th anniversary of The Greatest Blog on Earth. We have much to celebrate. Opa!, as they say in Athens.


March 20, 2019

Speaking of Liberation

Why can't we hold paradigms at a distance? Why does every explanatory belief system turn into a religion, a fundamentalism? "Fundament" is related to the notion of a base--that on which we stand, our security. From infancy, and the Self/Other split I discuss in Coming to Our Senses, we carry a deep worry that all is not well, that we are on shaky ground; really, that the Other is dangerous. This is why people double down, and why myth always triumphs over fact. It sheds light on the need for total explanations, and the fierce attachment to those explanations. It is why the cultivation of Buddhist "space" between our selves and our beliefs is extremely hard to achieve, and why genuine dialogue is rare. Arthur Koestler, who spent his life blindly chasing one ism after another, finally suggested, before he died, that we need to develop a pill to combat "devotion," by which he meant addictive attachment. I suppose lobotomy is the closest we've come to that.

I studied Russian in college, and a few times each week would go to the library and read the latest edition of Pravda, the major Moscow newspaper. It got old pretty quickly, because the daily headline was typically some variant of "Millions Enslaved by Capitalism." But why stop there? Millions were enslaved by the idea of communism. Millions are enslaved by the ideas of feminism, Zionism, technology, Hinduism, Islam, white supremacism--etc.

What this suggests is that until that root fear of Self vs. Other is resolved, we shall continue to live in a fog, a world of isms. This fog is also known as History, in the sense that James Joyce used the term when he wrote, "History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awaken." It is revealing that these various fogs are interchangeable, as Eric Hoffer pointed out in The True Believer. What the particular belief is, is of little consequence. The important thing is to have one. The fog provides us with pseudo-safety; and so the charade goes on.

The individual who chooses to address that root fear in him- or herself, to follow the Buddist path of freedom from fear, greed, and illusion, is going to be engaged in an epic struggle; this is for sure. But can anyone seriously believe that such a goal is possible for the entire human race, or even a single nation? To call this a long shot would be the understatement of the century. It's an inspiring vision: individual enlightenment multiplied by billions, until History in Joyce's sense comes to an end. I'm guessing we'll be waiting for a long time, for that one.

"Although there is no hope for the human race," wrote Eric Berne at the conclusion of Games People Play, "there is some hope for a few individuals in it." Cold comfort, but there you are.

(c)Morris Berman, 2019

March 08, 2019

Interview with Jeff Brown from Shenzhen, China


February 27, 2019

Calling All NY Wafers

Well, the excitement mounts. We are only a few weeks away from the 6th Annual NY Wafer Summit Meeting (6ANYWSM), which will occur on April 13 at 1pm. Wafers are threatening to fly in from LA and Indonesia, and I think a couple of penguins from Antarctica as well. I am now asking all active participants on this blog who plan to attend this Incredible Event to send your email address to me at mauricio@morrisberman.com. I will then send you the venue, and we can meet there on April 13. This is classified information; do not reveal the venue to anyone!

For those of you who have tragically failed to participate since 5ANYWSM: rotten luck, amigos. I begged you to participate, but did you listen? No! And now, yr out in the cold. Suggestion: as of April 17, start participating!

For those nonparticipants who have been sending me expensive gifts (i.e., bribes): What do you take me for? Save yr money, muchachos!

Finally, this blog will shut down during April 9-16. I'll be reminding you of this closer to the date.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, sadder than not being a Wafer.


February 16, 2019



So I guess we're now in a state of national emergency. I myself feel energized by this, and hope that Trumpo will send in the Marines. Where, it doesn't matter. All that's important is that they arrive in one country or another, kill lots of people, divest the place of its resources, declare a victory, and leave, while The American People, with their cutting-edge intellects, cheer them on. It's like when Robert Duvall was ecstatic (in the movie Apocalypse Now) over the smell of napalm--invigorating. We are so fabulous, spreading democracy around the globe. Who couldn't love us, really?

On the Wafer front, there is much to celebrate. The 6th Annual New York Wafer Summit Meeting (6ANYWSM) is less than two months away, and NY is already astir regarding my arrival. By April 13, things will have reached fever pitch. I've gotten so many requests by non-blog participants to attend, along with promises of lavish gifts, that I've had to hire a secretary just to handle the correspondence. I told her to be polite, but she seems to want to answer these letters with lines like "You'll be allowed to attend when hell freezes over," etc. Sweet gal, tho, really.

And then there's the Italy book, just accepted for publication. My happy book, I call it. It's got 21 illustrations; I've been busy trying to obtain permission to reprint these. As for the text--modesty aside--it's some of the best writing I've ever done. I'm expecting sales so extensive, that I'll finally be able to put a down payment on that villa in Tuscany I've had my eye on for some time now. Life is good.

And so, my Wafers and Waferettes, let us continue on our merry way. Rome is burning, the trollfoons have been destroyed, and all's well with the world.