August 14, 2020



Poor America. Stuff like this seems to be happening almost every day now: the murder of innocent children:

The killer was arrested; nothing is known of the motive so far. A life snuffed out, and for what? We do need to think about what may lie beyond the national collapse, but clearly, the transition is going to involve a lot of tragedy.


August 05, 2020

Trump (and America) Revealed

Hola Wafers-

Well, that Trump interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios has to be the most damning interview in the history of the world. The man-child was revealed as a callous buffoon, a clown living in an alternative reality regarding the pandemic and the stats of suffering (medical and financial) of the American people. A real horror show, that was, and with the exception of his base, it was hard to avoid the conclusion that the president of the US was a moron and a jackass. Which, from a declinist point of view, is a good thing. The late Roman Empire had similar emperors at the helm, who did much to bring the civilization down. I'm personally not happy about the suffering of millions of people, but this is how empires typically end. As Hegel famously remarked, History is a slaughter bench. Or to put it another way, you don't get History for free.

Of course, it's a safe bet that his base--something like 40% of the voting population--will see the interview in a positive light: "I guess he showed them!"--that kind of thing. As Trumpaloni once said, he could shoot someone in Times Square and his base would still vote for him.

The real issue, however, is not Trumpo per se. The man is merely an icon for the rest of the country. Whether progs or bubbas or Karens, 99+% of the nation believes in the American Dream, and the American Way of Life. Like Trump, they just want to get back to hustling. They just want to make America great again, or save it. Only a few declinists and Native Americans understand that the place was a mistake from the get-go. "Possessions are a disease with them," said Sitting Bull. How many Americans agree with that? Left-wing 'heroes' certainly don't, any more than does Trumpalump. The Lump is ridiculous, but he is hardly the cause of the mess we are in. Look to the people, said H.L. Mencken, George Carlin, Gore Vidal. That's where you'll find the core of our failure as a nation.


July 28, 2020



This blog began 14 years and 3 months ago, and we are now up to the 400th post. Monthly hits now number about 90,000; the total for those 14 years is nearly 5 million. Clearly, we are poised to take over the world. Can you imagine a Waferworld, where decency and integrity prevail? It's an inspiring thought.

Modesty aside, this is clearly the greatest blog in the universe. We soldier on, through thick and thin, pursuing the truth no matter where it leads. Occasionally I hear of people going to other blogs, and I just shake my head. Why in the world would anyone do such a thing, when this blog has it all? I remain completely baffled.

I predicted the demise of America in the Twilight book, 20 years ago, and now it is upon us. The country will look radically different by 2030, and it's not going to be pretty. Of course, Americans are not very bright, so many of them believe the situation can be turned around. Which I have likened to trying to turn around an aircraft carrier in a bathtub. It just ain't gonna happen, as all of you know. The US was founded on faulty premises (hustling), and now the chickens are coming home to roost. The man in the White House is the consummate hustler, fully representative of Americans' deepest aspirations. The spiritual goal of the Middle Ages--salvation--has been replaced by secular salvation, i.e. money: to live in a big house, drive a Mercedes, own a private plane, and drink $20,000-bottles of wine. An empty life, a stupid life, and what almost all Americans think life is about. Pretty thin fare, when you think about it.

O lente, lente currite noctis equi! Tick tock, time is running out. Meanwhile, let all 172 of us celebrate the GBOE--Greatest Blog on Earth. America will go down the drain, but what we stand for will endure forever. It always has.


July 19, 2020



Following up on the podcast with Bret Weinstein, from the last thread: I think most of us here would say that the BLM and anti-racist protests are an attempt (emotional though it may be) to redress a situation of systemic oppression of black people, rendering them second-class citizens for a very long time now, as well as the targets of white police. Bret, and I'm guessing many others, see all this in a different light: an attempt on the part of these protest groups to grab power for themselves, and via political correctness, to shut down all discourse. My own view is that these two takes on the situation are not mutually exclusive, and that both factors could be operating at the same time. Bret also believes that the bubbas are reacting rationally. I.e., if they correctly(?) see the protests as an attempted power grab, they understand that if the 'left' does seize power, it will be at their expense. Hence the anti-demonstrations, show of guns, and so on. What thus may be operating now in America is the conflict between two types of incipient fascism, which is ripping the country apart. (Where the Karens fit into this cosmic struggle is, I'm guessing, unclear. O dem Karens!)

I keep thinking of that line from Talleyrand, in the wake of the Terror (1793-94): "Above all, no zeal." No chance of that in the US today, unfortunately; though again, from a declinist point of view, it may be a good thing.

O&D, chicos-


July 11, 2020



Great dialogue! Let's continue the discussion. References to delis in NY and LA would not be amiss.


July 03, 2020



Well, I don't have much to add today, beyond the obvious observation that the US is going to hell in a handbasket. Things are unraveling much faster than I expected. Like most of us, I never imagined Covid or George Floyd, which have picked up the pace of our chaotic collapse-in-progress. And then, much of the country has rejected Covid, so the EU has rejected us (a remarkable development)--part of the Suez Disintegration, I'm guessing. As for BLM and associated protests, the cops show no signs of changing, and the movement has devolved into an intense preoccupation with political correctness, which will leave the structures of power intact. The Civil Rights movement, for all its importance, didn't threaten those structures; indeed, economically speaking, black people are in the same position today that they were in 1950 (amazingly enough).

Anyway, I had picked this decade as the End Time for America, based on the increasing dysfunction of capitalism--which is still true, I believe, but now the whole thing seems to be on steroids. Having Trumpi in the White House, and the country moving toward civil war, is no small contribution to the process. Just as an aside, though, I have lately been wondering if some hospital or lab could run MRI's on a bubba brain and a prog brain, and then compare the results. I can't help thinking they might actually be identical.