October 20, 2021

Changing Americans: 1964 vs. 2021

Who are Americans, today? What makes them tick? What is characteristic of their behavior in 2021?



Let me know what you think.


October 05, 2021

Reality vs. Buffoonery


This is my idea of serious political action:


Compare political "action" in America, which consists of a deflated BLM (and the leaders getting rich), a witch-hunt #MeToo (as Woody Allen predicted), Occupy Wall St. theater that changed absolutely nothing, a million useless pussy hats, and so on.

Honestly, what jokes Americans are!


September 21, 2021

We've Been Ized!


Speaking of being Ized, I recently realized that while it has taken a bit of time, the American public has been completely Ized, most especially within the last 20 years. Here are the Izes I've counted up; if you can add to this list, please feel free to do so:

-Weaponized -Monetized -Digitalized -Virtualized -Cellfoneized -Moronized -Buffoonized -Consumerized

No wonder the average American doesn't know his/her ass from his/her elbow: with all of these Izes, what else would one expect? All of which means that in one form or another--culturally, socially, politically, economically, and intellectually--the country is going to be pulverized. This Ize will be our last frontier.


September 07, 2021


Well, we're coming up on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. I think I said it all in a previous post, on the legacy of the event, but let me add this helpful book:


For anyone out there debating whether or not to hit the road: What are you waiting for, the Nuremberg Laws?


August 24, 2021

What Is There Left to Say?

There it is, for all the world to see: the shame, the violence, and the incredible stupidity of the United States. It's quite amazing, how we keep repeating the same unworkable formula: attack or invade a country that poses no real threat to us; plan to remake that nation in our image, since obviously, we are the shining city on the hill; ignore the fact that while we've been around for 250 years, Vietnam/Iraq/Afghanistan have been around for ages; then get handed our asses on a platter, because these yellow and brown folk don't want the great gift we are offering, for some odd reason, and because their spirit is stronger than our technology; pull out in a fog of humiliation, leaving death and disaster in our wake; and then rinse and repeat, start the same absurd cycle somewhere else, having learned absolutely nothing.

Shamed in front of the whole world, much of which is glad we were defeated, and made to look like fools. Truth be told, we are worse than foolish; we are jokes. What is there left to say?


August 13, 2021


Well, that last thread was a good discussion. I wish, as the Great Seer of the Western Hemisphere (GSWH), and facilitator of the Greatest Blog on Earth (GBOE), that I had some words of wisdom to impart at this point. But--I don't. I can report to you that the antisemitic trollfoons have all but vanished. All I get now is the occasional hit-and-run message along the lines of "Yr a kike, I hate u"--evidence of the great intelligence possessed by these folks. But maybe most of them finally wised up, decided it was pointless to attack someone who can defeat them so easily (after all, without testes they don't exactly pose a serious threat), and found another Jew to annoy. I wish them godspeed. Anyway, let us continue our discussion, recognizing that 99% of the American population is clueless as to what is going on, and forge ahead, a beacon of light in a very dark time, and a very dark nation. A very few will hear us, and quite honestly, that is all we ask.