January 06, 2023

7 million and going strong


Since April of 2006, this blog has received almost 7 million hits. Our influence has never been greater, as we march toward the 10 million mark. Innocent Americans accidentally trip onto this blog, and given the high level of intelligence that most of them possess, they are immediately converted to the Waferian outlook. No more chest-beating about how we're No. 1. No! They understand that the US is going down the tubes, and they prepare accordingly. I think all of us here at the blog can be justly proud.

Onward! And of course, Downward!

December 13, 2022

Karma City

Well, nothing much to report, but I'll stick with the blog for the time being. America is like an almost-dead fish, flopping on the deck. No idea what it's doing, or why. But Wafers know why: you set yourself against Nature, and against Reality, and what do you think is finally going to happen? Ditto, if for 400+ years, you marginalize or reject those critics who tried to give you valuable input. The dominant narrative reigns supreme, until it hits a wall; which is the story of our time.

November 12, 2022

Muddy Waters

Well, at this point, it looks like the GOP will have the House, and the Dems will have the Senate. We may not know until the Georgia runoff on Dec. 6. But hopefully, if the GOP has the house, they might stop the fueling of the war in the Ukraine. These times are pretty murky; no one seems to be sure of anything. All I can do, myself, is throw up my hands and cry KAMALA SCHMAMALA!

October 19, 2022

The Midterms

Well, folks, the midterm election is something like 2 weeks away, and while most midterm elections are typically a big yawn, this one seems to be set to determine a lot. All year long I was saying it was a slam dunk for the GOP; now, the abortion issue/Supreme Court decision has muddied the waters. The Dems believe it could be an important playing card for them, possibly drawing voters away from the GOP and into the Democratic camp. We won't know the answer to that until the dust settles.

Hovering over all of this is a mad paradox, perhaps more than one. The GOP has already signaled that if they take the House, they intend to review all of this $ being pumped into the Ukraine. My own view is that this is absolutely necessary, since the Ukraine war is an illusion, a pile of shit cooked up by Biden and his admin to revive the Cold War, inasmuch as when it comes to foreign policy, the guy as no imagination whatsoever. The drawback of such a victory, however, is that a large % of GOP candidates believe Trump really won in 2020, and if this MAGA crowd takes over, a complete lie becomes the official "truth". In a larger philosophical arena, it pretty much destroys the notion of truth altogether, as something rooted in empirical evidence. Postmodernism, once a weird French fetish, would now be the order of the day. Plus, this would bring us much closer to a Trump victory in 2024.

This would not be the case if these folks are defeated. Sanity would reign if the Dems win, with one important exception: Biden is a warmonger, and this absurd resurrection of the Cold War would continue to be our daily reality, possibly even pushing the edge of going nuclear. We are, then, screwed either way, the choice being between absurdity/surrealism and brinksmanship/potential holocaust. Yuck, is all I can manage to say about that.

Maybe comedy is all that is left to us, at this point. Survey the public field: what could be funnier than Kamala Schmamala, Tulsi Schmulsi, Kanye West/horse-ass-face/Marjorie Taylor Green toting her Jewish space lasers, Herschel Walker, etc.? It's getting to the point that Bill Maher might as well rename his show "The Parade of the Grotesque," because that is literally what is on display in the US these days. That prescient film of 2006, "Idiocracy," is now with us, except that we could probably use a remake and call it "Buffoonery Unleashed". At the end of the day, only 4 people were correct about the real story of America: H.L. Mencken, Gore Vidal, George Carlin, and of course--moi.;-) As we used to say when I was a student at Cornell, SMF; Sayonara, Mother Fuckers. (Which also translates as Whee!)


September 27, 2022


There is a game, which I think is called meatball, in which you have to choose between 2 horrid alternatives; like Biden vs. Trump, for example. No sex for 10 years, or being beaten with a rubber hose for 30 consecutive hours? You get the idea. The meatball I'm going to propose is: Gisele Bundchen secretly directing our foreign policy, or Kamala Harris? Wafers, you tell me.

August 24, 2022

Permanent War for Permanent Peace

I don't know who first coined that phrase, but it describes our "grand strategy" since 1945. It also echoes Orwell's 1984, where there was always, in the background, a war going on that made no sense; it was just war for the sake of war. The Cold War was like that, and Biden, with this new $3b shipment to the Ukraine, seeks to revive it. He has told the Ukraine that he's thinking long-term: the war with Russia will probably go on for years.

One possible problem, however, is that the American people don't have very much upstairs. Their attention span is extremely short. What they want out of a war is quick destruction of the "enemy," such as they got when we destroyed Iraq in 2003. They lose interest if things start to drag out; the prolonged war sinks into the background. Their enthusiasm for this proxy war in the Ukraine already seems to have waned, although not for Biden, apparently. That Russia wants to protect its borders from America and NATO is not on his radar screen. This obvious fact eludes him, and in any case, he prefers to follow the old American playbook of forcing the "enemy" into a corner and then blaming them when they fight to protect themselves. Meanwhile, the $3b that could be used at home for so many badly needed things is pissed away on an illusion, one that we are desperate to maintain. One has to wonder if the American people even care, at this point. However, there is a larger playbook operating here, one that finally sent Rome to its grave: imperial overstretch. If we had a brighter populace, they would see that permanent war is self-destructive, and that we are witnessing our last days. It's not likely they will see that; in fact, it wd require an Act of God--something in short supply these days.