June 09, 2023



Truth be told, I'm running out of things to say. How many events, facts, and bits of evidence of our degradation/disintegration/debasement/collapse can we point to, on a daily basis? The sheer self-destruction of the country is right there, before our very eyes; every day, we sink deeper and deeper into it. Everything we do, every action, is an abysmal error. Years ago, I predicted 2030 as the endpoint of the nation, but I'm wondering if I should move the date up. Our slogan, "Onward and Downward," may have to be revised: "Onward and Rapidly Downward." The whole country amounts to nothing more than baloney. The government is baloney; the MSM is baloney; and the American public is baloney. The Yiddish word for this is schmegegge. Look it up on Google (it's sort of like putz squared). America is a schmegegge, a hopeless, pathetic collection of hot air.


May 04, 2023


So it's finally here:
Also available in Kindle for $2 less, I guess. Hope you all will enjoy it.

April 11, 2023

Beating a Dead Horse Dept.

Wafers, honestly, how many times can I say it? America is composed of violent morons and the country is going down the drain, with no hope of reversing trajectory. What could be more obvious? And yet 99% of the American public don't believe this for a minute, and the MSM are oblivious to it. There will be no wake-up moment for either; we'll just simply fade into irrelevance. And yet here I am, boring all of you (I'm sure) with what is basically non-news. Let me just repeat what is going to be my epitaph, and then sign out:



March 04, 2023

A Grotesque Bulvan. However...

There is no question that Mr. Trump is one of the most repulsive human beings on the planet today. One cannot say enough awful things about him. But the one thing you can’t call him is “warmonger”; which is clearly what Mr. Biden is. On the domestic front, Biden is OK. He is kind of a mild version of FDR, and has instituted some important changes in the direction of giving Americans a better life. Oddly enough, these Americans fail to notice this, or fail to care. What they see is a senile fuddy-duddy, and they are not far wrong. The stats are that most Democrats would prefer a different candidate in 2024. However, as a senile fuddy-duddy, when it comes to foreign policy, the man has no imagination at all. It just consists of reviving the Cold War, which now means carrying on a proxy war with one nuclear superpower, and making threatening noises in the direction of the other one. It’s the height of stupidity, and it could have disastrous consequences.

If elected in 2024, Trump will very likely back off this suicidal trajectory. Instead, he’ll try to revive the American Dream, it looks like. This won’t work, because America is dying, and nothing can prevent its inevitable demise. It’s time has come. But at least it won’t end via a nuclear conflagration. Quite simply, we’ve got to get Biden and Co. out of the White House; although I confess, I will sorely miss Kamala. Her ideals, and her penetrating intellect, have been a beacon of hope to all freedom-loving people the world over. 😊


February 04, 2023

The Sopranos, William Golding, and Contemporary America

Let me repeat what I wrote at the end of the previous post:
All of America, young or old, is a case of Lord of the Flies. Or to take another allegory, which I've talked abt before, The Sopranos. In this TV series, as it plays out, the only purpose in living is to acquire money and material goods, and to beat out the competition. By the end, the 'brothers' are killing each other off, eating each other alive (despite their constant hugging of each other). Is this not a very close description of contemporary America? And in both cases, there is no way of arresting this pattern. Rather, the system has to die.

January 06, 2023

7 million and going strong


Since April of 2006, this blog has received almost 7 million hits. Our influence has never been greater, as we march toward the 10 million mark. Innocent Americans accidentally trip onto this blog, and given the high level of intelligence that most of them possess, they are immediately converted to the Waferian outlook. No more chest-beating about how we're No. 1. No! They understand that the US is going down the tubes, and they prepare accordingly. I think all of us here at the blog can be justly proud.

Onward! And of course, Downward!